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Unless you live outside of the US, I suppose you've heard of the earthquake we had on the east coast today.  The Californians have been  teasing us for our reaction to the earthquake.  But it was a 5.8 earthquake and not something to be ignored.  I lived in earthquake prone Japan for many years and never felt anything as strong as this earthquake.  True it wasn't a massive earthquake but relatively speaking it was big for us in the DC area because we're near the epiccenter and rarely rarely ever have earthquakes.  And you have to remember we have no idea which buildings meet earthquake codes because well...we've never really had to worry about earthquakes before.  Certainly not earthquakes strong enough to makes stuff fall off shelves.  

I was home when it happened and sitting in my room watching a video on the computer.  Suddenly I felt the floor shake and dismissed it thinking maybe there's a huge 18-wheeler passing through the neighborhood or something. Because earthquakes just don't happen in Maryland.  Then the tremor became bigger and bigger making the whole house shake and stronger than anything I felt in Japan. It was strong enough to make me feel the need to run for cover....well the Japanese earthquake trained me should've grabbed an empty purse and thrown it over my head (you know what I mean if you've ever experienced a Japanese elementary school earthquake emergency drill) and ran for cover under my desk, instead I ran to get out of the house because the shaking lasted so long and got more violent by the second and I wasn't sure how long it was gonna last or how much of that shaking my house could withstand for that matter.  Of course, before running out the house my sister and I did the same thing we used to do in Japan whenever there was an earthquake..we looked at each other asking if this was an earthquake and if we should just stay still and ride it out.:p

So yeah I think it's unfair for the Californians to make fun of us for thinking this earthquake was a big deal. I mean when it happened most of us weren't sure if it was an earthquake or the result of something else seeing as we're in the Washington DC area.  And it's scary if you don't know if your building is up to code. Besides, any earthquake that shakes buildings and throws stuff to the floor is not something to take light.  You never know when it could become serious.  Luckily, my house seems to be fine.  So glad we don't use gas.  Only one of my picture frames fell off and broke.

I guess now that we know these kind of earthquakes are possible in this area, we'll have to become better prepared and make earthquake kits just in case. ....or maybe not???

Fortunately, although there were a few buildings that were damaged the amount of injured people is minimal and not serious.  So we are having fun talking about the rare event and on the news they joked around that soon there'll be "I survived the east coast earthquake of 2011" t-shirts being sold.  <--It's a reference to our last major event, Snowmageddon 2010, when we had a major blizzard that had people stuck indoors for days. :p


久々の蟹DINNER! and [Anime] NO.6

Thanks again to everyone who commented on my birthday post. I had a great birthday and am very hopeful that this year will be even more wonderful than the last.

A few days ago I went to the marina in DC.  My family and I bought some live crabs for dinner.  I took a picture of them while they were still alive in the pot below.  Watching their eyes look up at me as my sister poured the beer in to get them drunk so as to ease the pain is a little sad but so goes the food chain I guess. By the way, they were very delicious.

Lately, I've been watching a new anime called No.6. It's a futuristic world type of anime. Has anyone else been watching it? I never read the original so I was really shocked when I watched the progression of the storyline.  The two main male leads are Shion and Nezumi/Eve.  I was expecting this to be a regular shounen story. And so at first I thought okay these guys are just really close friends who don't mind a little hand holding and snuggling in bed between friends.  But episode after episode this anime has been moving towards the borderline of BL.  In fact, I'm so confused now with the most current episode...is this BL already or just fanservice? :p What the heck is going on with these two?  Well, if you've watched the anime I'm sure you'll understand my confusion. And if you've read the light novel/manga, I suppose you already know what's up unless the anime has gone in a completely different direction. All I know is that it runs in Aria which is a shoujo manga magazine so I guess hence the hints of BL. 
Funny story about my mom walking in on No.6 ep.5 (cut for spoilers if you haven't watched ep 5 yet)Collapse )
Despite my confusion, I do like No.6.  There's still a lot of mysteries to be explained and I'm hoping this story has a happy ending for Shion or at least a satisfying ending for the viewers.


Omisoji! Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi, everyone!!
How has everyone been spending the summer?  
Lately the weather has been perfect minus the extreme heat so I've been in good spirits.

Today is my birthday.  I've hit the big 3-0. Or what the Japanese call 三十路 (misoji). Oh why must they have a name for it??
Oh gosh, now that I'm an old lady...hope that doesn't make you want to de-friend me. Hehe...

No really, I still think of my myself as being young.  I hear this is one of the best parts of your life where you really become a lady.
I don't know about that yet.  I hear us Gen-Yers are a bit behind.  Besides isn't 30 the new 20 or something like that? hehe

Thanks to everyone who've been sending me birthday wishes via lj, twitter and facebook.  I'm happy to hear from you all and it's always great to know someone remembers your birthday. 

This is the picture of the birthday cake I want from Lady M.  It looks so delicious and reminds me of the gateau au chocolat cakes I used to buy from the bakeries in Tokyo. It's so cute!!

Someone posted in a goodreads forum I was reading and I was quite amused by it.  So hence the video below.



I joined goodreads.com

 Since I like to read and I want to challenge myself to read more novels this year, I decided to join goodreads.com.
So if you're a member and have similar book interests and would like to add me as a friend feel free to. You can find my account here. I'm still exploring it to find what I can actually do on there and I'm still getting used to it so haven't added much yet.  Speaking of good reads, if anyone has any good recent (2010-2011 releases) bl novel or manga recommendations, please do let me know!^^  Yoroshiku!


I can't believe the Sekaiichi Hatsukoi anime is almost coming to an end.  
I like when Isaka appears at Marukawa since it's fun to see the differences between the two nanahikari (Isaka and Onodera)! ^__^
Watching this episode brought me back to my days working at a Japanese office and being given work last minute just as I was leaving for the door. So I sympathize with Ritsu. Too bad my 上司 wasn't a handsome and oh so cool guy like Takano.:p  And Ritsu's simple comment at the meeting was funny because it reminded me how it's hard to get people to talk at those kinds of office meetings in Japan.:p

Last week I caught up to the SiH manga.  My first comment is that Takano was a very very mean very bad guy to Ritsu in high school.  

Second comment-I loved Chapter 10!!   I had always wondered why Onodera's name was different from his high school years. Cut for spoilers in case you haven't read chapter 10Collapse )

Ze Volume 10

 I finally got around to reading the end of Ze volume 10.  I was so happy to see Genma and Himi again!! And OMG *gasp* the guy that Uta and Yukino found....!!!  

Kuyashii!!!! I wanna read volume 11 now!! But I checked Amazon and it doesn't come out until next month!!  Chou kuyashii!!!

Aaa...the wait is too long!

Atsukute tamaranai! It's so damn hot!!

 I wanted to write that subject in kana but I lost my windows cd so my computer won't let me install Japanese fonts. ;__;
So if you ever find me typing in Japanese, it'll be because I'm typing from my keitai or my mom's PC.  I can't wait till I can save up for a new computer.  Everything must be upgraded!

There's only two anime I'm currently keeping up with every week right now.  Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Ao no Exorcist.  If you know me well, you know I'm a big Nakamura Shungiku fan and was a fan of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi before it became an anime.  I even own a few of the BL novels.:p  So it shouldn't be such a surprise that I like that series so much.

Ao no Exorcist on the other hand, I knew nothing about before watching the anime.  So far I love it!  Especially the mystery and the unknown. I've gotta get my hands on the manga!  I've seen up to the seventh episode so far and like with all typical shounen series, they are still setting us up with character introductions.  I hope we can get to the real core and drama of the story further into the series.  Episode 7 comment (Cut for spoilers)Collapse )
If anyone has any suggestions for Spring anime, let me know.  I have no idea if I'm missing out on any other good ones.
These are some pictures that I don't think I've posted on LJ yet.  They're pictures that I took last April when I visited the Uniqlo store near Harajuku.  It's probably the most interestingly decorated UNIQLO store I've ever visited in Japan.


Win the Throne Sweepstakes

Just sharing this link for any other Game of Thrones fans who might be interested in entering.  
Game of Thrones happens to be my current favorite period/fantasy drama.  Highly recommend it to you if you're into fantasy dramas with royalty that take place in a time long ago.

Redecorating my room!

I've been doing a lot of spring cleaning these last few weeks.  I'm redecorating my room and already I've painted my walls a lighter shade of pink (girly I know but hey I like it). I've sorted my closet out (I had/have a lot of old school papers in there). Sorted my bookcase (which I need a new better looking one) and bought a new queen sized bed (an upgrade from the old twin bed I've been using since elementary school).  The bed came today and already my room is looking classier!  Next step is new window treatments and to change my dresser, nightstand and desk to match my bed which is white and all my old furniture is wood.  It'll be a long process since I've already almost used up all the money I made on my temp job at the embassy.  I need to get a new job soon to help supplement my redesigning needs!!  

One thing I realized when sorting out my room is that manga is a really messy hobby.><  If I didn't own as much manga as I do, I'd have a heck of a lot more space in my closet, drawers and storage bins.  Seriously! When I'm rich, I'm going to have one room in my house just filled with bookshelves of manga.  It'll look like a Japanese bookstore for sure!  And this is after I already threw away the manga I know I probably won't read anymore.><

I think Japan turned me girly.  Well, either that, or I just became more mature in Japan.   Living there, I started to have more feminine taste in clothes, jewlery, shoes, etc.  If I grew up there, I probably would've been like my students wearing makeup and high heels whenever I was out of uniform.  Now, I find I'm not only into fashion (also thanks to Gossip Girl) but home design/decor.  Really! I love reading my mom's Better Homes and Garden magazine and looking at the pictures. I don't know...guess I'm just growing up.:p
Btw, if anyone wants to follow me on twitter.  My account is chunsayume.


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