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Goong vol. 8 and in the middle of vol. 9

After reading Goong vol. 8, I suddenly had a craving for ramen. Maybe, I'll eat some tomorrow.
Tho, I really wanna try some Shin Ramyun!!
Anyhow, I'm in the midst of reading vol. 9 and well after the couch incident...YAHOO!! FINALLY!

Ok, well I haven't finished reading the volume yet. But all I have to say is, I'll be pissed if CG announces she's gonna divorce Shin at the interview. That would so be NOT Cool!
DAMN Yul for giving her that kind of idea.

And I don't get Yul anymore...
Tho, I still like him overall. Before I thought he was willing to give up the throne because all he really wants is CG. And I thought he's truly in love with her...
But now I'm confused. He told his mom that he just wanted to take away whatever Shin holds dear. Obviously, we all know, that is CG. So does this mean he doesnt really like CG like that and is just using her to get revenge on Shin?? That sux...:/ I'll be so disappointed in Yul if that's true. But, in any case, I'm glad he stood up to his mother.

I'm really feeling bad for Shin, concerning the fire case. People are giving him all this undeserved shit about it...at least his mom and grandma still believe in him.

And woot! The scene at the commoner's restaurant! I loved it! But I was just like CG. I wanted to throw my chair to the ground when that security guard came and interrupted Shin. DAMMIT!

Well, thank goodness Shin made up for it with that scene on the couch. Haha. It was so funny when he told CG to sit down.

Well, I'm off to read more Goong!


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