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♪Messages to and from Nagayan♪

I'm back from Nagayan's FC event at Harajuku Quest Hall today.
I went with eien_chiharu and had a fun time!
Today's theme was [Messages].
This event was meant for fans and Nagayan's friends to be able to send their messages to Nagayan and Nagayan to give his message to the fans.

It all started with Nagayan listening to the messages left on his voice mail. Among the people who left messages included Tuti, Kime (who couldn't believe Nagayan wouldn't answer his own phone) and Nagayan himself.

Next, Nagayan exited the stage and we watched a VTR of Nagayama News featuring Nagayan as a news anchor. The news was silly and brought much laughter to the room. Among the subjects of the news (jokes) included, Johnny's groups such as NEWS and KAT-TUN. Another funny part of the news was the Weather Report which was also done by Nagayan.

The next part of the VTR was a take on the many meanings of the word message, which included many puns.

During this event, Nagayan poked fun at a lot of his peers and at even himself. He called Tuti baldy and showed a funny picture of Souta with snot coming out of his nose. He also introduced some English words like PASSION, FACE TO FACE AND HEART TO HEART.<--It was really funny because he mispelled Heart and crossed out the wrong spelling. But during that part he even laughed at himself.:p

For the next corner, we listened to Nagayan as he read some of the messages he had received from the fans who had sent messages specifically for this event. They included messages of inspiration from fans who talked about how Nagayan brightens their day. There were messages of friendship by fans who talked about how kind Nagayan's fans are because even tho she attened events alone, she made fans with other fans who attended the event and they even became close friends who could discuss not just about fandoms together but also school, work, home and daily life. At the events, she never felt lonely because of how warm the fans are to each other. Nagayan was very glad to hear about this kind of a letter. Some other letters were just funny because Nagayan couldn't tell if the letter was supposed to make him feel happy or insulted.<--One of the letters being about "What Nagayama Takashi is made of..." ;p

There was a "monomane" corner, where Nagayan did impressions of other people. One of the impressions included Kouji who played Charlie Gordon in Flowers for Algernon which Nagayan starred in last month.

For the next corner, it was back to the VTR to read some handwritten (but obviously fake parody) letters from Nagayan's fans. This corner was the part I found the funniest!

1. Letter 1: My Ane (Big Sister) aka The Spam Letter
It was a letter that read something like this. Dear Nagayama, Please look at my ane (big sister).
http//www.watashinoane.co.jp (Those in Japan are familiar with this kind of letter because lots of cellphone spam mail sounds like this.)

2. Letter 2: The Diehard Mr. Children's fan fanletter to Nagayan
This letter was GREAT! It was written by a Japanese fan who claimed to be Mr. Children's number one fan.<--Yes, even tho, this was a letter to Nagayan
In the letter the fan writes about how much they love Nagayan but includes all the song titles from Mr. Children's songs. And if you're a fan of Mr. Children, you'll know that a lot of their songs have English titles. And for the sake of fitting a song title in, the fan would admit that even tho a sentence didn't make sense, they just HAD to add that. It was so hilarious. I wish I had a copy of that letter^o^

BTW, I should mention that this letter included the pronoun "boku" (the male polite way to say I) and voice-overed by a man. All other letters were read by a female.

**Note: The next letters were again parodies. PARODIES...not to be taken personally or too seriously.**

3. Letter 3: A Letter from a Korean fan
I loved this letter, too.
It was a cute letter from a Korean fan that started off with basic Japanese read with a Korean accent. Nagayan was talking about how great it was to have a Korean fan and how good her Japanese was when suddenly the letter was written all in Korean with the voice-over being all in Korean. Nagayan talked about how he had no idea what she wrote but just by looking at what was written he could tell and understand the feelings of the fan.

Then suddenly, we were all shocked when the letter reverted back to Japanese and it simply said "Suki.Suki.Suki.Suki.Suki!!!" :D

It was all in fun.

4. Letter 4: A Letter from an American fan
Ok, I had a good laugh with the Korean fanletter but this American letter had me ROFL!
I laughed so hard that I literally had tears falling from my eyes.
This letter was cute as well. It was written in English and Romanji.
This letter was from the typical foreign Nagayan fan who first get to know him because of...and I quote "tenisunooujisama."<--Of course, everyone got excited when this was said. I mean heck, a lot of the people there could prolly relate.(^____-)
The letter continued and it was just plain funny because it was written in half English and half Japanese. So we were all laughing because the letter was so easy to understand. And even the Japanese fans could understand the English.^^

Then we were all turned for a loop when all of a sudden the fan started writing about "Bush this..Bush that.." <--of course, referring to President Bush
Nagayan, like the rest of us, was perplexed by why bush was suddenly brought up.

After I recovered from that good laugh, it was time for letter 5.

5. Letter 5: A Letter from Nagayama's Mother
This was a sweet letter from a worried mother. Nagayan's mother wrote asking about how Nagayan was doing. She talked about how many years it's been since he left home and how he seems to be really enjoying himself now and how happy she was for him. Her letter started getting silly when she talked about the family and how they were doing. I wish I could remember everything she said because it was pretty funny. She even parodied Nagayan's name and called him TakaC (which is still pronounced Takashi in Japanese). She even wrote about Nagayan's dad and younger sibling who (if I remember correctly) was asking Nagayan to buy stuff. There were even 2 P.S.'s at the end of the letter. But the 2nd PS stood for Playstation.

So with that, ended the letter section.

Next was the mini-live, I guess you could say. It featured 4 new songs. Sorry if there are any mistakes in the song titles..this is all based on memory.

1. Katachi

2. Kiss no Ondo C (he was embarassed about this song because he thinks the lyrics might make him sound dirty.:p)

3. You who I loved at that time (A song he wrote about the girl he liked in Jr. High. When he finally confessed to her, he couldn't even look at her straight in the eye. Afterwards, his class had many reunions but she never showed. He wondered whatever happened to her and if she got married. He even wondered what happened to the stuffed animal he had given to her...The lyrics to this song are so good. I was really touched by it.)

4. (Umm...sorry my mind is blank. I forgot the name of the last song but it was a fast beat one.)

Next, Nagayan read his message to the fans while a video of clips from different FC events showed in the background. One of the most funniest clips being Nagayan teaching the IQ TaiQ BBQ dance to his fans from last August.

His message was basically about how amazed at how far he's come and how 5 years ago he couldn't have imagined that so many people would come to watch his performances and attend his events. He talked about the many people he's met and hopes his fans will continue to support him.

Lastly, there was the segment with Katou Manabu. He was one of the ensemble members aka HOLLOW in BleachMyu. Nagayan invited him on stage to sing "Okuru Uta." Recently, the two had performed in Shibuya for 3 days. Katou would often sing "True Love" by Fumiya Fuji. (Asunaro Hakusho fans should know this song. I personally love it and constantly play it at home!! sorry i digress.) It was funny tho, because Katou once played this song 3 times in a row. And they'd be performing on the street and Katou would finish singing and ask Nagayan what he should sing next. But without listening to Nagayan, he'd be like "OK, True Love it is." and sung it again. ^^

They also sang "Okuru Uta". Unfortunately, noone would stop to watch them perform. Actually, the only people who would stop and watch were foreigners. Nagayan was thankful to them because they would stay and watch. He talked about how the two of them are loved by the foreigners so they should go worldwide now.^^;
One day it actually rained. They performed under and umbrella. That was the one day the Japanese people stopped to watch. But they weren't really there to watch. They were only seeking shelter under the umbrella. Haha.. Anyhow the two performed the song and it was time to end the show.

Nagayan had us write on postcards which were supposed to be messages to his 30 year old self...
Lastly, we had meet & greet...and thus the end of the event.

Overall, I had a great time today. I'm looking forward to Rock 'N Jam!^^
Sorry for any mistakes in today's post. It's really late here.
Ok, I gotta get some sleep now! Oyasumi!


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Apr. 23rd, 2006 04:35 pm (UTC)
Aaaaah finally I know what happened!
Thank you deeeeeeeeeear for writing this report♥
Ne ne, any cute moments between Nagayan and you two?
I so wanted to know if there was some attention to gaijin like he did on his christmas event >_<
But then, really, thank you for writing, I was waiting for this...
Oyasumi you two and sometimes show up on gmail, wakatta???:PPP
Apr. 23rd, 2006 04:49 pm (UTC)
You forgot the 4 new songs that he sang...

And I still don't think that it was funny, about the foreign letter. It was embarrassing and made us all look like we only like him for Tenimyu and can't write japanese to save our life. It felt like he was making fun of the people that try so hard.
Apr. 23rd, 2006 05:17 pm (UTC)
I named the 4 new songs. It's up there under the section about the letters.
I personally didn't find the foreign letters offensive. I mean I was laughing at the Korean letter but not because I thought it was stupid. I thought it was cute.

The American one was the same. It wasn't like he was teasing us. I could totally see the humor in it. If it was a French, Spanish or Chinese letter I'd be laughing just the same. I'm not going to take special offense because it was written in English this time.

It's not like, it's not true that lots of fans come to know Nagayan first from watching GekiPuri. I think lots of J-fans can say the same for themselves.

Plus, the letter didn't say I only like you because you're in Tenimyu. It said that the fan knew him because of Tenimyu.

BTW, the letter wasn't written in broken Japanese. It was just in Japlish. Nagayan never said it was wrong or that ALL foreigners are stupid because they write in romanji. I never got that feeling. It's hard to explain and of course different people take offense to different things.

I personally think people were laughing at what the letter actually said. It was a funny fanletter...think of it..if it was written by a Japanese fan ALL in Japanese...it wouldve been funny, too. These type of letters are simply over-exaggerated parodies of what you can read on the BBS's. Nothing more.

I'm sure if Nagayan really wanted to single us out...he would've used REAL, ACTUAL fanletters from the foreign fans, blocking out their names. But, this wasn't the case and I'm SURE it wasn't his intention to embarass his foreign fans either.

And I know that even if I say don't take it too much to heart...ppl may not agree but I just wanted to share my point of view on the whole thing.:p
Apr. 23rd, 2006 05:51 pm (UTC)
I think a large part of it for me is my status in the japanese language. It's the only thing I've gotten frustrated to the point of crying over in this last year, and on an almost regular basis. Whenever I see someone poke fun at someone for trying so hard, I take offense to it, because I KNOW how hard it is. Languages are REALLY hard for me, unlike you, and the more work that I do the more frustrating it is and the less I feel like I understand. Seeing anything like that letter on screen REALLY pokes at the one thing that can seriously get to me. It's not fun when you want something SO bad, and study every day diligently, but feel like you're getting nowhere. I don't like to see it made fun of.

I don't think I would have minded so much if it was written in romaji. But I don't like the types of fan letters that say "Aaaaaaaah I LOVE YOU NAGAYAN!!!! *fangirlfangirl*" anyways.
Apr. 23rd, 2006 09:12 pm (UTC)
He told us that only TWO foreigners stopped to listen to him and Katou, lol. XDD
Apr. 24th, 2006 01:20 pm (UTC)
I dont remember him mentioning exactly how many but it DID seem like he was rushing that whole segment anyway.^^ But that's funny yet quite SAD. +.+ hehe. I liked Katou. He seemed like a fun guy. They seem to get along quite well.^^
Apr. 24th, 2006 01:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I laughed so hard I was crying at the English fanletter. I don't think it was meant to poke fun at foreign fans. It was all made in good jest as he himself was poking fun at his own english. It's one of those things where you shouldn't be afraid to laugh at yourself from time to time. In the end, all the people in his FC are his fans. I don't think anyone should be surprised at the type of letters that might come across his mailbox, anyway.

I truly believe that Nagayan gets a kick out of the fact that he has foreign fans and enjoys the chance to get to use a little bit of his english. x3
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