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NaB's Live in crowded Harajuku today!

I attended the NaB's live tonight in Harajuku! Out of all the NaB's lives I've been to thus far, this is definitely on top of my favorites list. They were SO on today and the energy of the audience was superb! I wish that they would release a CD with all of the songs from today's performance. Their songs are so catchy that I'm sure they could win lots of J-pop fans' hearts.

Here are some of the highlights of the show.

1. The Movie (at the beginning and end of the show): For the past few lives, the NaB's always play a mini-movie made with their own original script and of course, featuring them as the actors. For the past lives, the movies were parodies but this time around the idea was based on Rasta's sleeping habits. The movie starts with Rasta in his room sleeping when his phone rings. He answers it to find his manager on the other line. His manager informs him that the live rehearsal location has been changed. The rehearsal will now be held at the beach. He's a little surprised to hear that it'll be at the beach. He notifies Karl. Karl calls Kenn and Kenn calls Kippy and Kippy calls Kazuki. (Hope I got the order straight.)
They all show up at the beautiful but windy beach and wait for their manager to show up. While they wait, they get caught up in the wonderfulness of the beach and start playing with each other. They ride scooters, hop and frolic around in the sand, hold hands and skip around in a circle (in slow motion, mind you) just having fun while romantic music plays in the background. Suddenly Kenn interrupts the mood shouting "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU GUYS DO.." but suddenlya huge smile covers his face and he gets back into the mood and begins frolicking happily with the guys around the beach again.
It's happy times when they suddenly get a call from the manager. He's pissed asking why they haven't showed up for rehearsal yet. Apparently, practice was supposed to be held in the normal place but someone messed up and misunderstood. After everyone passes blame they begin to realize it's Rasta's fault. Rasta doesn't understand how he could've misunderstood and tries to think back to what happened that morning. Flashback to Rasta waking up and getting the phone call about the change in location...everything seemed the same as before but this time after the phone call Rasta goes back to sleep and wakes up again. It turns out that the phone call was all a dream. But Rasta, not realizing it was a dream, makes the phone call that basically screwed everyone up. And so half a day had passed and the NaB's still hadn't rehearsed...hehe
The movie at the end of the show was basically just a bunch of bloopers from the making of the mini-movie. Quite cute and entertaining.
btw: KENN's keitai ringtone is a chaku-uta from "Beauty and the Beast" in English.

2. I WANNA SEE YOU (Kenn's Song) and WILL BE THERE

3. SUPERSTAR: Karl's Solo

4. TOBE- always a crowd-pleaser cuz we get to JUMP.............a lot

5. Rasta's new song inspired by his father. I nearly cried during this song. I only stopped myself from tearing up because I didn't wanna smear my mascara. Apparently, Rasta grew up without his dad and barely has any memories of him. But lately he's been thinking a lot about him and so wrote this song. The song is so sweet. In the song, Rasta says he always feels his father beside him, guiding him and how his father lives inside of him. He also asks "Can you hear this song? Are my feelings reaching you?"<--really touched me ;___;

6. KENN's Announcements: KENN announced the next live to be held in June. And he reminded us to check out Yu-Gi-Oh GX and Air Gear. He also informed us of his upcoming musical [Double Standard] which he'll be performing in alongside seiyuu, Tanaka Mayumi (aka LUFFY in ONEPIECE).

Well, that's all the important stuff I can remember. Off to bed now! Oyasumi!


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