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Kurosagi Maido Ari! YamaPi at his best!

Well, I haven't been hooked on a J-drama for a while now.
But, the dorama that I'd been anticipating this spring is Kurosagi!
Yes, the billboards hung all around Tokyo got me.
But Kurosagi's main appeal is indeed YamaPi. Oh and of course
there's also the intrigue of the world of swindlers.

In short, Kurosagi is about a swindler named Kurosaki.
And despite being a swindler himself, he hates swindlers.<--yes, hates with a passion
His main goal in
life is to avenge his family which his father murdered before comitting
suicide, after he was swindled himself. For some reason, the only
member of the family he didn't kill was Kurosaki. Because of this
tragic incident, he swindles shirosagi (money swindlers) and
akasagi (love swindlers).

When Kurosagi finds a swindler to target, noone is safe. And I mean noone.
Not even his only friend in high school played by YamaPi's fellow
NewS member Koyama-kun! ^o^

This show is so good! Even the Opening sequence rocks! YamaPi on the train is so cute!
And in the dorama, I'm often in suspense as to whether the swindler has taken the bait or not.

YamaPi does an amazing job as Kurosagi! This has been the most impressive
role I've seen him play so far. I love the Kurosagi glare/look!
And for Nobuta fans, no Akira smiles here. Kurosaki is more serious than that.
And Instead of "Bye Bicycle" and "Akira Shock," this time
around we now get "Maido Ari" and "Bang!"

For NewS fans, check out ep. 2 for Koyama's appearance. Koyama impressed me, too.
He's a better actor than I thought.<--but I haven't really seen him in any other roles.
So that's why I wasn't sure how he'd be. But he was great! He was convincing
in the crying scenes! I want him to come back~! Kurosaki needs friends.

BTW, I also recommend YamaPi's solo single, "Daite Senorita."
YamaPi is really cool in the PV too. He's really sexy fighting on the train.
Anyway, The single drops 5.31 I believe.
So give it a listen to if you can!^o^


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