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These past few chapters I'd been wondering who that masked man was.
And chp. 18 finally answered my questions.
Tho, I was more than shocked and yep, even excited to learn that the beautiful mysterious guy is actually Ichiru!! That would be Ichiru as in Zero's little brother! Yep, the little brother who Zero thought was already dead.
Tell me he is brainwashed! What is he doing on Shizuka's side!?
Poor Zero...
Anyhow, Ichiru is hot. Just one more bishie to add to the growing attendance list at Kurosu (aka Cross) Academy.^^
BTW, I love the fact that Shizuka can bind Zero. That was sexy.:p


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Jun. 15th, 2006 12:15 pm (UTC)

yume_no_koe should have told you about me, but I'm going to The NaB's live in Kawasaki on the 18th this month too ^^ So I'm just poking you to say hello and show off some dreadful pictures of myself, so that you'll recognize me if I get there, haha. X3

It's still an "if" and not a "when", since our plane lands just 2-3 hours before ^^; It's very possible that I won't make it until 18.00, but 18.15 (or even later) instead. And since I'll hardly have any time to get to know the country or anything before arriving, um... providing I don't come later than 18.15 or so, do you think you could possibly wait with going in until I get there (so that we can go in together)? I'd feel better that way (tired after the trip and confused over the new country as I will be), and we might not be able find each other otherwise, so. ^^

I don't know how they are about the opening times though... The site says OPEN 18:00 and START 18:30, but maybe you in reality need to be there at 18 sharp... Or maybe you can get there 18:29 without problems. :D;; I see you've been to a lot of their concerts before so if you could give me a general idea about how they are with times (starting & ending... if the concert is only about 1 hr long for an example, then it won't be worth it if we arrive 30 minutes late >_<), I'd really appreciate it!

Think that's it for now. ^^ I'm really stressed since the trip is in just two days, but I'm still greatly looking forward to this concert, and really hope I can go! Yay! Yoroshiku na~ ^__^

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