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Yay more Ichiru! Twins seem to be really IN, when it comes to manga lately. Most of my current manga faves feature characters who are twins! And now Vampire Knight has joined that list. All this time I've been reading Vampire Knight, and I had no idea that Zero is a twin!! Kyaaaa....so cool.

Anyway, last chap. Zero discovered along with the readers that his younger brother, Ichiru, is still alive. And in the latest chapter we find out they ARE actually twins! Woot!

And I'll be geeky for a moment and say it's cool that Zero is the older twin because I'm the older twin, too!!^o^

Anyhow, I love their relationship. It's brotherly lovable and bordering on incest enough to rival Kaoru and Hikaru from Ouran HS Host Club. I mean dude when Ichiru was sick, Zero asked their mom to stay by Ichiru's side while Zero offered to go get him an ice pack, but Ichiru pulled Zero back next to him and told him not to leave. ;_______; And all that happening after they were laying down together in Zero's bed. Sooo cute! Even the mom commented on how much Ichiru loves Zero.

Hmm...I wonder if anyone else thought that KanamexShizuka look great together. I wouldn't mind if they end up together in the end.

It seems like Shizuka may have a good reason for all she's done...but I could be reading into it wrong.

I can't wait to hear about the darkness within Ichiru. I don't want Ichiru and Zero to be enemies.:/ I'm hoping for the best.

Chapter 19 was soo good. Now, I can't wait for the continuation. But, I think the next issue of LaLa is only gonna have a gag chapter.:/ So that means I'll have to wait till August prolly for the continutaion.


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