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The Forest is Alive!!! Musical Bliss

Today I went to Shinjuku and watched Mori wa Ikiteiru (The Forest is Alive) at Space Zero.
It's a wonderful musical starring, Yanagisawa Nana (Rock 'N Jam 2), Kuroki Marina (Sailor Moon/Rock 'N Jam 2nd run), Matsuoka Hideaki (Rock 'N Jam), Shinoda Mitsuyoshi (Ahiru/Yanagisawa in SeiRuMyu), Aoki Kenji (Akazawa-buchou in SeiRuMyu) and many others. 

This musical goes right up there at the top of my list of favorite non-anime related musicals.  I loved the music and songs so much.  I definitely would like to get a hold of the dvd, when it's released.

The story is based on the Russian version of the Cinderella story.  The Russian twist is quite interesting.  It's about this poor girl who lives in a lowly cabin with her mean stepmom and stepsister.   Cinderella (Nana), lets call her  Cindy cuz I can't remember what her name is supposed to be since most of the time they referred to her as musume or child, is quite the goody-goody. She's so damn pure and sweet, I think I got a toothache just watching her.  She's so amazing that she can even understand the animals in the forest.

It's wintertime and the snow is piling up.  But, the spoiled bratty Queen of the country (Marina) is fed up with the snow.  She wants it to hurry up and be Spring already.  She wants to see matsuyuki aka snowdrops. But, it's still the middle of winter.  It's impossible to see matsuyuki in winter.  But still she orders a decree. Anyone who finds matsuyuki must bring them to her and in exchange they can get gold coins equal to the amount of matsuyuki presented to her.

Cindy's stepfamily sees this as a golden oppurtunity and decide they will search for the flowers.  But, it's hecka damn cold outside...so they send Cindy instead to do the work for them.  Cindy is relunctant but she can't do anything about it.   She has to do as they say.  She goes out into the brisk cold air in search for the flowers.

In the forest, it's too cold to bare...She sees a group of people standing around a fire. They are actually the 12 months (Aoki plays February and Shinoda is April).  They control the weather and seasons of the land.  They are amazed that Cindy dares to ask to share their fire. They give her permission to warm herself and tell her to come closer to the fire in concern for her.  

Cindy is grateful to them all for their kindness and thanks them.  She's about to set off when the 12 months ask her what she's doing in the forest.  She tells them about how she needs to gather matsuyuki.  The 12 months explain that it's not the season for matsuyuki as they are only out in  April.  She wishes it were April.  April (Shinoda) is of course, delighted to hear this.  He begs his siblings to grant him the favor of helping Cindy out by changing the seasons.  They agree to do it saying they don't mind if some months are skipped.  Suddenly it becomes April in the forest alone, and flowers begin to bloom.  There are many matsuyuki to be seen.  April tells Cindy to gather the flowers quickly as the season will change back to winter in 1 hour.   

After Cindy gathers the flowers she thanks the 12 months.  But they tell her dont thank them as the one who asked them to do that was April.  So Cindy thanks April and you can see the sparks fly between them.   April is enamored with Cindy and asks his siblings if they also like her too, then to allow him to give her a special ring.   They agree.  He gives Cindy the ring.  She is not to lose it or to tell anyone where she got it from. She must never tell anyone about them at all. With a special spell and the ring, she can call April for help at anytime and he will come running to save her (OMG, so sweet and romantic!) .  With this, they part.

But before leaving, the 12 months tells Cindy to be careful on the way home.  If she goes right, it is the path of hopes.  If she goes left, it's the  dangerous path of beasts.   

Cindy gets home and presents the matsuyuki to her stepfamily.  While she is sleeping, the stepsister finds the ring on Cindy's finger and slips it off.  She keeps it for herself and wonders where Cindy got it from.  

They go to the queen and give her the matsuyuki.  But the queen wants more and she wants to know WHERE the flowers came from...Cindy must go back to the forest and get more flowers, but she refuses to lead everyone to the matsuyuki and she refuses to tell them about the 12 months...will Cindy be able to keep her promise...?  Will she ever be able to see April again??

I won't give away the whole story but I just wanted to say it was very beautiful.  I was quite happy with the play. My only qualm was that I wish that Cindy and April could've gotten it on more towards the end.>o<  April is quite the sex bomb, after all.

I was quite impressed with Shinoda, Marina and Hideaki's performances. They were totally ON, today!^^



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Jul. 28th, 2006 12:46 am (UTC)
Wow,that sounds really cool! I'm looking forward to it now!
Jul. 28th, 2006 01:31 pm (UTC)
it sounds almost magical. I want to watch it too! *is sad*

*still plotting japan invasion later this year*
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