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「僕等がいた」⑤!I'm so moved!


Ah, I was so touched by episode 5 of Bokura ga Ita! ;_____;
In case you haven't heard of Bokura ga Ita yet, I suggest you pick up the manga or start watching the anime.
It's a really beautiful high school love story.

It's a wonderful story about (Takahashi) Nanami who falls in love with a boy named Yano (Motoharu).
Eager to make new friends in her first year of HS, she attempts to make friends with Yano. She finds him not so easy to understand, but somehow they begin to develop a friendship. Nanami begins to develop feelings for Yano and gathers up the courage to confess to him.
Unfortunately, Yano doesn't feel the same way about her.

Later it's discovered that Yano had an ex-gf who died in a car accident...with her ex-bf. Yano really cherished his ex-gf but after learning that her ex-boyfriend was in the car at the time of her death, he felt betrayed. Because of this, he has a hard time thinking of ever getting involved in another relationship.
Eventually, Yano discovers his feelings for Nanami and confesses back to her...

Now, in ep. 5, Nanami is discovering the meaning of what it is to be someone's girlfriend.  Nanami is amazed by Yano's kindness.  He acts differently than he did when they were just classmates. One day, Nanami asks Yano what he wants for Christmas and Yano answers that he just wants her.  But Nanami thinks he's not replying seriously.  Later, Yano tells her what he wants for Christmas.  He wants her to never leave him and to never betray him.

Ah, I loved this episode so much!  Yano is such a good boyfriend.
It was so cute how he would just randomly go to her desk for no good reason other than to be close to her.
And then when he asked for Nanami to never betray him I was so touched! (T  .  T)

Man, the preview left me on a cliffhanger. What's going on with him and Yuri!? (o___O)
I always feel the tension in the air around the 2 of them.  And I can't figure out if there's something more to their relationship or not.
But, now I wanna pick up the other manga volumes.  

I love this series so much!


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Jan. 19th, 2007 05:20 pm (UTC)
bukura ga ita
its wonderful but the ending sux watch it on youtube u will no what i mean
Jan. 21st, 2007 02:59 pm (UTC)
Re: bukura ga ita
I saw the ending but other than it changing a few things from the manga, I'd say it was what I expected.

I mean that was how vol. 8 ended and with only 26 episodes, that's pretty much as far as they could go. Because after this part it follows Nanami in college and afer she graduates and joins the work force. And in between that, it flashesback to Yano's life in HS in Tokyo. So the anime would have to be much longer for it to continue the story. Not to mention the manga is still on-going. And hasn't reached a conclusion yet. So if they kept going, the ending would prolly be made up or even more open-ended.

If you haven't read the manga, I definitely recommend it! Start from vol. 8 too. Because Yano and Nanami actually did go on a trip to the onsen...not an ordinary date like seen in the anime. Also you can find out what happened to Yano and Nanami after they separated. And lots of things have happened since then. It's really touching and surprising!
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