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Today was The NaB's last live in Harajuku!  One word to explain it would be this.....あつかったぁ~!  They put on a great show featuring their lastest songs as well as their golden oldies (u know their Beach Boys era)!^^  They had some pretty long MCs, too.  In one MC they talked about the things they did during the summer.  Rasta's story was prolly the most interesting.  He stripped for us (complete w/background music) to show off his red speedo.  Apparently, he'd spent the summer saving many people's lives as a lifeguard.  He even demonstrated how if he saw someone in danger the way he would take off his shirt and jump into the water to save them...so funny!

There was a special guest appearance by 2 producers/directors?  I forgot who they were but basically they were 2 guys who had also done a CM insert song.  They were a great jiji (granpa) duo and performed their CM song along with the NaB's..in English.

The live wasn't without mishaps tho..there were some problems I guess with the instruments or sounds because Karl had mentioned it at the end of the show.  And you could see one of the staff running on and off stage at different times during the live.  Kenn also forgot the lyrics to one of the songs but Karl and the crowd helped him get back into the song.:p  It was all good.^^

I liked everyone's style today.  Kenn had a nice haircut and dude all during the live I kept thinking he looks a lot like Tackey (from Tackey and Tsubasa)!  I mean really.  I didn't notice it with his past haircuts but dude the haircut he has now really makes him look like he could be related to Tackey.  It was so uncanny.  Apparently, I wasn't the only one who thought so either.

The NaB's' Summer Sonata----Winter Sonata Parody

The live started with another parody movie.  This time the movie was Natsu (Summer) no Sonata a pun on Fuyu no (Winter) Sonata.  If you've seen Fuyu Sonata then you'd be highly amused at just how accurate they were in the scenes that they chose.  They even made a parody of the OP.  I liked how they used the Korean version of the theme songs as opposed to the Japanese version.  In the movie, they all took on Korean names...Kenn was Ken San (in Korean it should be Ken Sang but Japanese pronounce Sang--San), a play on BYJ aka Yon-sama's character Joon Sang (in Japanese Jun San).  That was funny because in Japanese he'd be called Ken San-san.  Karl was Ka Rin which is a role similar to the bad girl Chae Rin in Fuyu Sonata.  I think Kippy was Ki Poku or something like that...and I've already forgotten Rasta name. Haru's was Jun Jin which is a play on CJW's character Yu Jin in Fuyu Sonata.  And of course in the 2nd half of the movie, Kenn comes back after getting hit by a bicycle (instead of a car) as Ki (or Lee?) Mi Yon which is a play on the character, Lee Min Hyung.  

One of the funniest parts was when Haru's character, Jun Jin meets Mi Yon (Kenn) complete with glasses for the first time after 10 years.  Of course, Mi Yon doesn't recognize her  him anymore because after the bike accident he got amnesia.  But Jun Jin runs up to him and gets all over him crying Ken San (Joon Sang)! Ken San!  But Mi Yon says no "I'm Mi Yon."  Jun Jin accepts that fact but then gets all excited again saying "Yappari, you ARE Ken San" but Mi Yon insists again he's not.  But Jun Jin doesn't give up.  He pushes Mi Yon down on the ground and starts doing push ups on top of him. ^^; (A scary situation indeed for Mi Yon, ne.)

And eventually in the end, as with all NaB's mini-movies...it all ended up just being a dream...Kenn's dream to be exact.

The guys really had fun with this...even breaking into random Korean in one scene.  They would add -seyo too sentences like this "tomodachi seyo."  And another scene the guys would makeup nonsensical korean sounding words while subtitles in Japanese translated what they were saying. so silly :p 

Man, I'm gonna miss their mini-movies.

The NaB's LAST Show means...
At the end of the show Karl mentioned that the guys had decided to take a break from doing lives.  However, the group in the future may work on songs and want to perform them for us...so if that time comes to please support them.  The reason for the cease in activities is due to members wanting to pursue other projects such as plays, other kinds of music and work. (My personal interpretation of what/who this is all about...??? = KENN)  He also said to please continue to support everyone in their own individual work in the future.

The NaB's CD Album
I also bought the new album!  It's fantastic.  I highly recommend all fans to buy it.  This song is filled with my faves!
I was gonna do a fave track list but I think I would put every track down if I did that.:p  Anyhow, I'm glad that they came out with this because I'm sad that I may not see them sing these songs live ever again...but at least I can keep this as a memory.

Tokyo is a Small City Part 2...TUTI Version
Ok, so after the live my friends and I got on the train in Harajuku towards Shinjuku.
Lo and Behold...who do I spot standing 3 ppl away?  None other than Ichimaru Gin Tuti, himself. At first I thought, maybe it's just a guy who looks like him as I only saw his profile at first.  But then he turned towards our direction and I knew for sure.  I think he recognized us or at least knew we were talking about him because when we were like "Is that Tuti?"<--said when we thought it could just be a look-a-like, he turned towards us.  Then he turned and look towards the window...seemingly trying to look cool like he didn't hear anything. -.-  Once again another reminder of how Tokyo...it's a small CITY after all. 


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Sep. 2nd, 2006 08:37 pm (UTC)
waaaa KENN!!! <3 ^___^ i really want that CD now XDD

LOLLL TUTI!!!! hella COOL~ :D
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