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"Chikara aru mono yo, ware wo osore yo, chikara naki mono yo, ware wo motome yo!" Sekai wa wareware "Kuro no Kishidan" ga sabaku!"

"Those who have power, fear us!  Those who have no power, look for us!  The world will be judge by our "Kuro no Kishidan (Black Knights)!" 

I watched episode 8 of Code Geass today!  Hooray for another episode of badass Lelouch as ZERO. ^o^  Basically by the end of the episode, Zero showed the world who's boss and the world had no choice but to listen since he hijacked everyone's TV signal.

The goal of this episode was for ZERO to let everyone know that he's not leading the resistance but rather his aim and the aim of his followers is to be an ally of justice.  So he doesn't take sides like...fight Britannians only or fight Elevens only but rather fight anyone who hurt the weak.  And in this episode the weak were the Britannians and the strong bullies were the Elevens aka the Japanese.

All I can say is, go Kuro no Kishidan! 

At the end of this episode, I was wondering why Zero let Yuffie live.  I know he got distracted with Suzaku and all but if he really wanted to kill her, I thought he still definitely had the chance.  Wonder if he wasn't really planning on killing her...

Hmm, I didn't notice Pizza Hut supporting the rebellion in this episode.

Next week is a recap episode.  I'll watch it all the same.^^

Clovis Question
So after watching ep. 6, this is still bothering me.  I'm wondering...Could Clovis still be alive?
I mean in ep. 6 , didn't the emperor say he had just spoken to Clovis after the servant said that the body had been brought back to the country?  Or was that just the emperor talking crazy? 
I have so many theories in my head right now, concerning Lelouch and most of the members of the Royal Family.  I mean just what was/is Clovis and the emperor's main goal/plan? 本当気になるッ!!!


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