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Heroes: WTF is going on?!!!

Wow. :o
I watched episode 11 today and lots of things happened in this episode. **SPOILER ALERT**
1. The Hatian speaks! +0+
2. Eden's power of Geass persuasion didn't work on Sylar!?
3.  Peter sees the future and IT's all his fault. 
4. The hunt for Hiro's sword is on!
5. Mohinder returns to the good ol' US of A! ^o^

Those are JUST a FEW of the plot developments that happened with episode 11.

Actually, I was wondering what was going on with Peter in this episode.  He kept coughing and looking like he was in pain.  I wonder what happened.  And in the dream sequence in the end of the show, I almost thought he was only dreaming about the people with special abilities but Simone was there, too.  I hope she doesn't have an ability, too.  I kinda like her just being a normal person.  And why was Nathan just standing there watching...I'm not sure if that meant anything.  Nathan holding Peter in his arms in the end was priceless.

In this episode, we also saw Parkman and Peter meet up for the first time.  I really like how they did that scene with both of them having the powers at the same time.  I was wondering if they might talk to each other through telepathy but that didn't quite happen. I wonder if they might do that in the future tho.  It would be so cool.  So if Peter is with a bunch of heroes at the same time, does that mean he'll have all of their abilities.  That'll be pretty interesting.

Anyhow, I have to say that Milo is an excellent actor.  I hope he gets an emmy...but maybe I'm getting too ahead of myself here.  I just think he's been doing a great job as Peter.

I recently found out about the online graphic novels for Heroes.  I wonder if they're worth reading.  I might check at least one of them out if I have time this week.


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Dec. 6th, 2006 01:37 pm (UTC)
If they're the same ones that I'm thinking of, the graphic novels are the comic that Hiro was reading in the early episodes. ^__^ It's really interesting to see them. I haven't checked them out since the beginning of the show, but now you make me want to go and check them out to see if they've been updated as the series progressed... You did see Hiro's blog, right? It was interesting how at different parts in the series, entries would appear and disappear. Like, there were quite a few entries that went along chronologically as the series progressed, and then suddenly they all disappeared when he went back into the past to save the cafe girl. Continuity = ♥

Who is your favorite character so far? And oh man, I can't wait to see Hiro facing the dinosaur!!! I hope that happens!!
Dec. 7th, 2006 01:41 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think they're the same. I read there's a pdf and flash version and that the flash version has hidden easter eggs..does that mean extra info? And yeah, they seem to have a new issue out every episode.
Hiro's blog sounds cool. I will definitely check it out.

My fave charas are Peter, Mohinder, Hiro, and Ando. I like the relationship between the brothers..even tho Nathan is being an ASS lately. I really hate Niki, tho DL is cool. I just don't understand how having a split personality (or what her sister in her???)..how is that a power? I just see it as being crazy with super strength. Anyway, she's the most annoying character for me.

Man, I wish we didn't have to wait 7 weeks for the next episode.:/ I wonder if Ugly Betty will be going into repeats soon, too. Well 'tis the season...
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