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I recently started watching the Taiwanese version of the J-manga "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e."  This manga is an old fave of mine so it's really great to relive some of my favorite moments and see the characters come alive.  Tho, I have to say the drama is way sillier than the manga.  I swear they've cracked it up.  Sometimes I think Ella who is playing Mizuki's character overdid it tho.  I mean I never really thought of Mizuki being one of those slow ditzy characters who always this dumbfounded look on their face.  But Ella's Mizuki is always looking dumbfounded which I assume is the Taiwanese director's take on the character.:/  Tho, I have no problem with Ella as an actress, I really didn't imagine her for the role.  I imagined a more cuter Mizuki..not to say Ella isn't cute in her own way.  I'm thinking of someone who can be both cute and boyish...somewhere along the lines of Qiao En.  But perhaps that's just me.

Wu Zun as Sano is great!  He has the looks and personality down pat.  Also I love Jiro Wang as Nakatsu!  Ever since It Started With a Kiss,  I've thought that he's a good actor.  I hope one day he'll get a leading part instead of just the supporting character/rival!  Anyway, as Nakatsu he's so hilarious!!  I hope him and Da Shu (Taiki) will have more interactions together. 

I loved Taiki in the manga so I'm glad they kept his character.  I hope they show Nakatsu and Taiki's close relationship.  My only pet peeve is, I imagined a cuter Taiki than Da Shu of the drama.:p

Speaking of people who I imagined to be cute...umm Umeda-sensei (Mei Tian) was much more beautiful in the manga.  I mean I guess I don't mind the actor who plays him now.  But, I really would've casted a different person in terms of looks.  As for acting, I'm impressed this guy actually does capture the personality and feel of Umeda-sensei really well.  He's got the cool, creepy bulliness that Umeda totally is.  He needs to work on the sexiness because that long hair/extensions is not doing it for me.  It just doesn't look right and I don't know why they put those on him.  Umeda didn't have hair THAT long for goodness sakes!  And tho, I've said he's not as cute as Umeda in the manga, don't get me wrong, I think this guy is cute in his own way and I think I'll really like him for episodes to come, too.  Can't wait till his boy toy (err..actually I guess he's HIS boy toy anyway) comes to visit! They BETTER keep that in!

Lastly, one actor aside from Sano and Nakatsu that lived up to my expectations in terms of matching the looks to the manga character is Nanba-senpai!  Wow, he's really hot.  He actually fits his character's reputation.:p  I'm looking forward to seeing him in ep. 2.  As for Yang Yang (Senri Nakao), I expected someone more girly looking rather than a flamboyant gay...but he's funny so...

Well, I like the show so far.  Hopefully, they won't make the series too corny yet maintain the comedy.  And I hope they'll cast a real bishounen for Sano's bro!^^


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Dec. 21st, 2006 01:05 pm (UTC)
Oh, I have to watch more of that, now that I read the manga. I saw the first episode and was like "what the HELL."

But I love Nakatsu, OMG.
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