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WTF!!! Kakkii used to live here!?  I was just listening to Okane ga Hoshii 14 and I was shocked when Kakkii said he used to live in Shiki!  He knew the train line and everything!

Man not fair...wish he still lived here! ><  I wouldn't be surprised if he lived at my guesthouse, too.  Hmm...if I didn't think I'd feel stupid asking, I'd ask my manager if he's ever heard his name before.:p

Man, and I'm having the worse of luck when it comes to the Okane ga Hoshii events.  I would've gone to the one at at Comiket if I wasn't in the US at the time.  It seemed like so much fun.  They had a handshake event but it wasn't just any handshake event  They could earn money to pay back to Kanou if a certain amount of  people who came to shake their hands knew the answers to their questions.  So they asked things like:

1.  Whats the name of our radio program? --Okane ga Nai presents Okane ga Hoshii
2.  What's the name of the station that airs our show?/ What's your fav. radio station? --Rajio Kansai
3. What's your fav. number? --81 (represents their agency)

If I was there, I could've totally earned them some money. ><

They have another event coming up on the 21st but I only heard about it yesterday and found out the deadline for applying to go is over.:/  Bummer.  I would love attend.  Maybe I could've finally heard their song since I'm assuming they might play it or perform it since ISSEI will also be at the event.  I'll guess I'll just have to hear about the event report on the radio show.   What  makes things harder to accept is the fact that the event  takes place only 2 stations away.  It  would've been so convenient!! --.--

I really hope they do another event!  One that I can attend hopefully!


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