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[TW Drama] Hana Kimi 5

Today I watched episode 5 of HanaKimi!  This was a great episode. It had a little bit of everybody in it.
I especially loved the Xiu Yi (Nakatsu) scenes.  The expressions on Jiro's face.  So cute and funny!  It was so cute when he wasin the cafeteria and kept loading rice on his plate while fantasizing about the different things he would say to invite Rui Xi (Mizuki) to his house.   I really felt the arrow to his heart when Rui Xi refused him. >o<
But man, if I were given the same choice as Rui Xi on whether to go to Quan's (Sano) house for the summer or not...dude, I would've totally accepted.  I mean dude it's QUAN we're talking about.  2 weeks hanging out with him at his house...what a dream! <3
Speaking of Quan, I was shocked at how buff Wu Chun is.  I never noticed he had so much muscle.  But he looks good! ^___^
I swear I'm becoming more and more of a Wu Chun fan everyday.  He's just so kind and considerate to his fans.  He's smart and I like how he talks to the point without sugar-coating anything. If he has a problem with something he says it.  Ahhh, directness...how I miss it here in Japan.  Of course, this is what I get of his personality from reading his blog.  I love how his blog entries are so long and thought out.^o^ <3
But enough, swooning over Wu Chun...back to HanaKimi 5.

So the episode ends with the lead into the summer holiday arc.  Man, I hate that guy who works at the inn.  I remember this story in the manga so I know how it's going to go and it's not going to be pretty for Rui Xi.  Of course, with this obligatory shoujo plot device where the characters spend the summer helping out at an inn...I can't help but recall the same type of summer holiday that occured in  Ouran HS Host Club.<---of course, THAT summer was completely different...luckily for Haruhi, thank goodness.:p
Ah, I digress again.

Anyhow, I'm gonna miss Mei Tian (Umeda).  I love the scenes where Rui Xi runs to him begging for advice.  And I don't know if it's just me but I thought the extensions looked better than usual.  Maybe they're growing on me...But, I still think they're uneccessary.:p  And I wonder if I was the only one who cringed when Mei Tian was all over Rui Xi's brother.  I like my fair share of BL and all but man he was so creepy with Rui Xi's gege.  I wonder if his bf will ever come.  If he does come, they have to be sexy and cute together like in the manga.  Hmm..can the drama version pull it off..I wonder.^o^

Anyhow, I love the drama so far.  Looking forward to ep. 6.  And I'm glad that Fahrenheit can get more exposure with this drama as well.^^Jia you!


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