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Today was quite a busy day but I have to say it was a pretty NICE day.  The weather was awesome for the most part.  It could've been a little less windy but the sky was clear which was great!  My students today were awesome. 
I just am amazed at how much they've changed since the beginning of the year. It's a great feeling to see them asking me questions directly instead of automatically asking and relying on the Japanese teacher.  They now trust me that I'm able to communicate to them directions or answer questions in a way that is simple to understand and stress-free for them.  That and I think they're more confident in speaking English now.  I think I can honestly say I've made a difference for them.^^

Another good thing that happen today was that I went to dinner at the local Indian restaurant. 
The staff there were extra-friendly with my sis and I, for whatever reasons I don't know but...
They offered us free curry!!  Unfortunately, I got so full that I didn't really need any seconds.  They also gave us a 10% off coupon for our next meal.  But I think the guy also said that everytime we go back we can get 10% off.  He be giving us the hookup!

The waitress was interesting.  The chefs were Indian but the waitress was Russian I think.  And her Japanese was quite low-level.  Yet, we made and she took our order in Japanese.  But I think she got so frustrated when she didn't know how to say the Japanese that she ended up eventually speaking to us in English.  I felt for her...she seemed to be doing the best she could at her job and at the same time practice her Japanese.

Later I asked her where she was from and we got to talking.  She made a guess to where my sis and I were from.  My sis and I were kinda surprise that she couldn't tell where we were from since we had been speaking English the whole time and we like to think our accents are American.  (Tho, I do seem to encounter a lot of native English speakers who seem to think my accent isn't  American.)
Anyhow we told her we were from the States.  She couldn't believe us.    She thought for sure we were from all these other countries.  So she asked where we were from originally.  And so assuming she means our ethnic heritage, we answer that we're half-American and half-Filipina.  But she was adamant in thinking that we were from another country.  I seriously don't know why tho. ><

Anyhow changing the subject really quickly,

  Filipino Drama: Sana Maulit Muli 13
I'm still hooked on Sana Maulit Muli starring Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu.  One heck of a twist has occured in the story and I think it's got a lot of us viewers going o__O and the developments.  I mean wow!

And I don't blame everyone if they're thinking "Damn this Amboy is loco!"

I think Jasmine is already thinking this.  I mean today she told Travis basically "Look, let me say this in English so that it's perfectly clear for you to understand--LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Anyhow the new twists in the story make it really suspenseful to find out how Travis is ever gonna win Jasmine's heart back.

I hope to see more Brandon scenes, too.  I liked how he became nice to Travis after Jasmine's deaf.  If he weren't so angsty he could be the perfect kuya for Travis.  Hopefully Travis' attitude toward him in this trip back to the past will make a difference in their relationship.

Oooohh, I can't wait for ep. 14!

I also have to note that Gerald's acting has improved drastically throughout the episodes.  I'm really impressed that he's imporved so fast.  I hope he continues to do his best because I can tell he is putting a lot of effort into his acting.  Gerald, KEEP IT UP!


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