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Today, my life was pretty boring. So, instead of boring you with the non-eventful day that I had. How about I just provide you with the trans for Kime's latest COLUMN entry and Eiji wrote in his BBS. Check out his message, too.

Warning: Sorry if there are any errors, today. I'm really tired at the moment so if you notice any mistakes let me know.^o^

Kimeru's 4/7th COLUMN


[Celebration☆ 800,000 HIT~~~!!!!!!...KIRAKIRA]

Recently, the counter’s been turning quite a bit. I’m so happy!
I will do my best to update my COLUMN.
This time the kiriban-getters were 6 people!!!????
What’s happening…to my site (sweats)

帝月さん:Congratulations on your 2nd KIRIban GET. It looks like you’re going to the Nagoya and Osaka (live).
v I’ll be waiting for you at the venue…KIRAKIRA
Aiyukisan: Congratulations on your KIRIban GET. If you don’t have time, go out at night. (laughs) The sakura trees at night are beautiful, too. v
Yasuko-san:Congratulations on your KIRIban GET. I heard you opened the tour. v Thank you. Let’s get fired up for it together! (laughs)
紗織さん:Congratulations on your KIRIban GET. And thanks for your first entry. v
Of course, I’ll go to do a live for the people of Touhoku, too! At that time, let’s be rowdy together!
Kumamoto-ken民2号-san: Congratulations on your KIRIban GET! There’ll be a LIVE in Kumamoto soon, too. (And MOMO-chan when you get bigger come hangout at the LIVE.)v
Kurumi-san:Congratulations on your KIRIban GET. Good luck with English!! (laughs)

Continued Celebration

[The BBS entries passed #11000~…KIRAKIRA]

Lots of things happened and I’ve caused everyone (some) trouble but. Thanks to you, I could pass the #11000 mark.
Thanks so much for really supporting me.
From now on, please steadily make entries. v
To the beam of deletion…[*Makerumo~n ka. TOUGH na no sa~] Please. (laughs)

捺斐さん: Congratulations on getting the #11000 KIRIban. Thanks for your support from here on.


It’s late! My 3rd single [OVERLAP] Self Review is updated.
Please check the [CD Self Review] within my HP.


1. *This line is cute! I left it untranslated in hopes you would recognize the words, as they are part of a song from TeniMyu.

2. BTW, I thought I should mention that some of the above responses may be difficult to understand if you haven't read the previous BBS messages of the fans above.
For example, the aforementioned MOMO-chan is (if I remember correctly) a 3-year old who wrote in to Kime-san on the BBS. It was a really cute message. ^^

Today's surprise of the day...

EIJI's BBS Entry at Kimeru's Site

No. 11017 (2004/04/07 09:52)
Title: Ha~~~i!
Name: EIJI
Kime genki ka? (How are ya, Kime?) Thanks for coming to see パニON the other day!! It ended safely. If I can make it to your LIVE time, I'll go watch! Kime-fans who came to watch (me), thank you very much.

</u>My Thoughts</u>
Awwww....that was so kind of Eiji to write and thank Kime-san's fans. ^o^ It'll be cool if he attends the LIVE in Shibuya.

On another note: Naoyan also updated his diary. He talks about the WILL 1st LIVE!^^ So be sure to check out his site!


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Apr. 7th, 2004 03:04 pm (UTC)
*imagines Kime picking up the 3 year old on stage and singing to him directly* =3 X3 AH!! KAWAII~~ =) We all know that Kime loves children ne? =)

Apr. 7th, 2004 08:52 pm (UTC)
wow and yay!! more translations !! XD
Apr. 7th, 2004 10:26 pm (UTC)
aah! thanks so much for translating! You're so lucky to
a) Be in Japan.
b) Know Japanese.
And probably many more..but still!
Would you mind if I add you to my friends list? Because..I will...
Apr. 8th, 2004 07:48 am (UTC)
hehe, you're welcome for the translations.
i actually think my japanese still sucks...no wait, it does suck but
i'm really studying hard.(^__^)b
Feel free to add me to your friends list. I don't mind.^^
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