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Happy White Day everyone!  Unfortunately, I've got no guy of my own to spend the day with or buy chocos for.  But oh well at least I can indulge in my fav. male characters from ZE!!

Dear+ 4 came out today!!!
So I got to read Ze chp. 26 aka Trigger!  As I said in my last ZE post, I couldn't wait for this chapter because it's supposed to show how Moriya fell in love with Ryuusei!!   And well today's chapter did deliver.
We got to see what was going through Moriya's head as he got more and more desperate in the race to make Ryuusei his master (kotodamasama).  He only has 2 weeks left and so far no matter how useful he proves to be Ryuusei has no interest whatsoever in owning Moriya as a kamisama.  In fact, Ryuusei reveals that if he had the choice, he'd rather have Himi as a kamisama.<--Of course, Genma isn't exactly jumping for joy to hear that. 

Nevertheless, the more Moriya is with Ryuusei, the more he is tormented with the question if what he feels for Ryuusei is love.  But, he 's sure he's never felt any feelings of cherishness towards Ryuusei.

When Moriya goes to report to Waki.  It's revealed that Moriya has bad luck with his kotodamasama.  Apparently, his previous master was abusive and made unreasonable request. ex1. His daughter asked Moriya to sleep with him.  He refused and she yelled insults at him threatening to have him burned.  ex2. When the master was dying, he demanded Moriya to heal him.  But doing that is beyond the powers of a kamisama and so the master yelled at Moriya for being so useless.  That was the pulled trigger.  It pushed him into his current way of thinking...that humans think they're so superior...but they're not.

In this world, humans (kotodamasama) are the masters and kamisama are servants...Moriya hates that fact.  He would rather prove that it should be the other way around...

When Moriya returns home from visiting Waki, he finds Ryuusei in bed with a woman.  After the woman leaves, Ryuusei and Moriya are talking.  Ryuusei's comments make Moriya snap. Thinking of how Ryuusei will sleep with just any random woman, Moriya criticizes Ryuusei calling him saitei (terrible).

Finally, he pushes Ryuusei onto the bed!

If that's the case, then I'll make you feel so good that you won't go looking for any other women."

And the chapter ends with the 2 gripping each others hands.  Unfortunately, might have to wait another 2 months before the next ZE chapter.  Looks like it won't be in next month's Dear+...:<

Well it's getting quite late so I'll have to talk about Genma and Himi's extra side story and mini-dorama cd another time.


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Mar. 14th, 2007 10:58 pm (UTC)
Wanna read it SO BADDDDDDDDD!!!! Friend's been forgetting to go to Kino to get last month's issue, she's missing the December issue, and now THIS issue comes out! .@_@_@_@_@ *calls her up* X.D

You know........... By the way you're talking about it, this couple might surpass my love for Shoui and Asari!
Mar. 15th, 2007 02:53 pm (UTC)
I totally know what you mean! This couple is suddenly bordering on edging Genma x Himi off from the no. 1 spot on my top fav. ZE-couple list. Shoui x Asari are no. 3 at the moment. Speaking of Asari I miss him!:/ It's been a while...

And now it's gonna be pure torture to have to wait two more issues at the least for the continuation of Moriya x Ryuusei. AHHHHHHHH!!><
Mar. 15th, 2007 11:49 pm (UTC)
I just read ch 25 this morning. Wah! Wanna read 26~~~~~~~
So how was the mini drama? Did Miyake and Hirakawa sound good as Genma and Himi? =.3 I can't wait til vol 2 of the drama CD is released! =.D
Mar. 16th, 2007 03:48 pm (UTC)
Miyake and Hirakawa did a good job. The H scene was definitely what I would've expected it to sound like. Tho, Hirakawa's voice isn't exactly the kind of voice I imagined for Himi in my mind when reading the manga. So I had to get used to it. But I still think he did a good job. The mini-drama was a good teaser for the drama CD. Oh if 4/20th could come sooner.
Mar. 16th, 2007 04:01 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Hirakawa isn't the first person I'd think of to voice Himi. But I don't think he would be too bad in the role. .^^ What part of the manga did the mini drama cover? =.3

Wahhh~~~ Excited! I wanna read and hear~~~!!!!
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