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First of all, I must comment on the lovely weather we've been having lately!  It was absolutely perfect today.
Ever since it officially became Spring yesterday, the weather has just been excellent.
I actually had to opened the window in the office today because it was so hot.
Yay, to warmer weather.  It's such a welcome change.  Well as long as there are no winds, I'm happy!
In fact, I'm very much in the mood for hanami 花見 now.^^

Speaking of Spring, I changed my background again.  If I have more time, I'd like to change my layout but I doubt that'll happen.  I'm too lazy.  But, for anyone who is curious, the background is of Moe/Habaek from The Bride of the Water God.  He is hecka hot, isn't he?

BTW, Anyone going to the Tokyo Anime International Fair?  I wanna go at least on Sunday!!  Kakkii is gonna be there and I read there might be a signing event, but I'm not sure if that's true.  But still hey get to see Kakki live!!  Of course other seiyuu will be there, too.

Speaking of Kakkii, I was really shocked when I heard the BIG NEWS  on Okane ga Nai presents Okane ga Hoshii Raji.  Apparently, Hatano and Kakkii will be graduating!?  WTF?  Is that really true?  They said it on the show but I still don't know whether to take it seriously.  I mean it hasn't been said on the official site.  And they haven't even paid back their debt yet, damnit.  How can they quit in the middle!? Tell me it's not true!

Well, I'm still hoping this is just a setup. For what, I'm not entirely sure but I'm hoping that this doesn't really mean the end but perhaps the beginning of a new way of doing the show or something.  I mean they kept alluding to the possibility of there still being hope. 

In any case, I'm just really sad about the whole deal because I love the show so much.  It's really my favorite radio show of the moment..yes even beating out Code Geass' Raji: Hangyaku no Yamayama.  Kakihara and Hatano are really funny together and I still want them to do more Okane ga Nai events!

So I wonder if they are graduating and the show moves does that mean a new pair of seiyuu will take over?  ie. FukuJun and Kosugi?  Hmm...I wonder.  Even if they did take over, I'd still prefer Hatano and Kakkii the best.:p  Oh well, nothing to do but sit and wait I guess.

Well, at least I learned another new thing from listening to the show.  It's the Japanese proverb which is the equivalent to "Don't count your chickens before their hatched." とらぬ狸の皮算用


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Mar. 23rd, 2007 03:42 am (UTC)
Is there anything cool going on at the Tokyo Anime fair? What's their webpage? I might go, if there's anything worth seeing.
Mar. 23rd, 2007 12:12 pm (UTC)
Hey, Jamie! Here's the link to the events. http://www.tokyoanime.jp/ja/publicday/stage.html

There's also an english version but the j-version has more information.
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