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Shinigami no Ballad and New Anime Season

As a lof of my favorite shows from last season have ended and with my favorite American dramas having repeats, I've had a lot of time this week to check out some new series.  Of course, I'm still trying to decide whether most of them is worth watching...:/
So far Hayate no Gotoku! is one I'm definitely sticking with.

Hayate no Gotoku! (Hayate the Combat Butler!)
is a cute little comedy anime.  It kinda reminds me of Gintama in its blunt humor.:p  It stars Hayate, a high school aged bishounen, who is coming down on some hard times.  Inspired by the words of Santa Clause, he's grown up to be a very hardworker and the breadwinner of his destitute family.  Of course, Hayate isn't working because his parents CAN't work but rather because his parents WON'T work.  Hayate's father claims he's taking time off to search for himself and his mother wastes all the money the family does get on her life dream...whatever that is!
Unfortunately, things continue to look down for Hayate.  He loses his job after parents rat on him that he's underaged to his boss, then they collect his salary and skip town.  They leave Hayate to be practically sold off   taken by the nice people aka loan sharks to whom they owe a large sum of money.

Luckily, Hayate manages to escape them and happens onto a rich girl.  He forms a new plan to earn money.  He'll kidnap the girl and ask for ransom.  But while he's thinking about the morality of the issue some men try to pick up the girl and Hayate insinctively comes to her rescue.   Hayate is too nice.  He gives the girl his jacket since it's so cold outside.  The girl is grateful to him and decides to give him whatever he wants.

So Hayate starts to put his plan in action.  "And says he wants her to go out with him and that he wants her."  A bad choice of words.  His words are easily interpreted as wanting to go out on a date.  The girl, Nagi, agrees to it since he's so cool and even gives him her parents' number.   As Hayate makes the phone call to ask for ransom, some baddies approach Nagi and kidnap her.  Hayate is on the phone calling when someone picks up the line.  He accidentally blurts out his last name and hangs up after realizing his mistake.

Anyhow, eventually Hayate saves Nagi from the baddies and just before Hayate passes out from losing so much blood, Nagi promises to get Hayate a job...as her butler.  And so the story begins....

Other anime I've been watching

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann: I started watching this because Kakkii is in it.  It's not the type of story I would watch on my own.  But since Kakkii was so excited about it on his shows like Tokyo Local, I had to check it out.  I think Kakkii's seiyuu work in here is really cool.  He's really good as Simon.  The show has it's funny parts and I'm interested to see where this is going so I'll also watch episode 2.

Touka Gettan: Hmm..the animation and character designs are pretty but the story---WTF!?  I don't really get it.  i'm super confused.  I wish there were more guys.  The girls are so bleh.  And yes, I know this show is targeted to guys.  It's such a shame since the 2 main guys are so cute.  Tho, I don't get it..is the lead character, Touka also a girl or something?  I mean he has a girly voice and was dressed like a girl...o__O

Shinigami no Ballad Dorama
This is based on a light novel series of the same name.  I decided to check this out because I was in the mood for watching some real-life people and heck it's about shinigami so thought it'd be worth checking out.  The dorama has the kinda feel that dorama like Kamen Rider or L-A Sailor Moon had.  So it's not like watching a dorama like Gokusen or something like that.

Watching this, I couldn't figure out whether I was wasting my time or not.  I mean the acting is pretty mediocre.  This is the kind of show where you can tell all the actors in it are new and upcoming actors all waiting for their big break.  Surprisingly, I didn't realize this till I saw the credits but Minami Keisuke (Tezuka from Tenimyu) was in the first episode.  I knew the actor playing that character looked familiar so I waited for the credits to find out that indeed it was Minami.  Unfortunately, he's still madamada when it comes to acting. The girl playing Daniel is cute.  Sorry to any die-hard fans of the light novels or manga, but I'm just glad Daniel isn't a talking cat.  That would just come out as cheesy in dorama form.  The story was pretty predictable but some of the dialogues and dramatic parts were pretty cheesy.;p

In the end, I've forgotten why I've decided to give it another chance and watch episode 2.  Hopefully, more exciting plot advancements come up.  I guess the idea of a Shinigami who tries to get to know her victims and cries for them when they die is still pretty intriguing for me.


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