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I listened to the new ZE dorama cd that was released a few days ago.  This is the vol. 2 which focuses on the Genma x Himi story.
I just finished listening to the cd a few minutes ago and I'm still wiping the tears from my eyes and the snot from my nose. 
I literally cried throughout every single track.  Seriously just nonstop crying.  Especially the first track!  I mean everyone who's read the manga knows how forceful and violent Genma was with Himi in the beginning.  So to hear that acted out was just....wow...somewhat traumatic and intense.

I have to give kudos to Miyake Kenta and Hirakawa Daisuke for their outstanding performances as Genma and Himi.  This could be my number one favorite dorama cd right now.  I'm especially impressed by Hirakawa-san because he's not the kinda voice I imagined Himi as having when I first read the story.  But now after listening to his portrayal of HImi, I can't imagine Himi sounding like anyone else.

I love this dorama cd so much.  Really I can't recommend it enough.  Seriously, I forgive Shimizu-sensei for the lame twin storyline as it's gotta be damn hard to find a couple good enough to follow the awesomeness that is Genma x Himi.  Man, I can't wait for more Moriya x Ryuusei next month!! XD


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Apr. 23rd, 2007 12:45 am (UTC)
YES! Loved the drama~~~ Though, like I've posted in my journal, I think there were a few points that could have been a tad better, but that's just me.

Moriya x Ryuusei~~~~~~~!!!!!! .*___________* I can't wait!!!
Apr. 23rd, 2007 03:28 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know what you mean. I also thought Waki sounded kinda strange in this one. Kinda threw me off because that's not how I imagined him saying those lines but...oh well.:/
But overall, it was a well done dorama. I wonder if they'll just cut to Moriya xRyuusei for vol. 3.
BTW, do you think Asari was in love with Rikiichi? Got any theories on Rikiichi?
Apr. 23rd, 2007 04:57 pm (UTC)
Hmm.... Possibly?
But I'm sure he's like Himi and Shoui is his one and only master now. *nod* And we know Asari cares of Shoui. .^_____^

I hope Shimizu sensei makes a longer story for Asari and Shoui!
Apr. 24th, 2007 11:29 am (UTC)
Yeah, there is no doubt Asari is devoted to Shoui alone at the moment.
But I was wondering why Asari was hesitant to see Shoui at that time.
Because did this take place after or before Asari introduced himself to Shoui?
Was it hard for him because Rikiichi was his original master and he couldn't get over that?

I really wanna know Rikiichi's story, I mean to have 3 kamisama including Asari and he's always being mentioned. And the way Waki brings him up makes me wonder what the heck was going on between the two of them if anything was going on at all.

But yes, I'd love more Shoui x Asari, too!
Apr. 25th, 2007 12:53 am (UTC)
So many unanswered questions! X.D I hope Shimizu sensei answers them for us soon~

Btw, have you read the zensa comic paper for vol 3? OMG, HOTTTT!!! Genma x Himi~~~ .*_________*
Apr. 25th, 2007 01:39 pm (UTC)
Yeah, me too.
I haven't read the zensa comic paper yet.>< I'm waiting till I get my own copy of the cd. Payday is Friday so can't wait!^^

BTW, do you listen to [Pash de Dash!] with Kaida Yuki and Kakkii? You can listen to it on the anitama website but I was wondering if there's a way to save it so I can listen to it when I'm offline. It's a really funny show. I actually started listening to it because it features Yappari, [Okane ga Hoshii] every other week.:p
Apr. 25th, 2007 02:51 pm (UTC)
Is it just a regular streaming file or is it played back via Flash?? If it's a regular streaming file, you can use something like Net Transport to save it (I use StreamDown). if it's flash, then you need to find the URL of the flash and use flv2mp3.com to convert the file to mp3. *nod*
Apr. 25th, 2007 03:16 pm (UTC)
its an swf file.:/
Apr. 25th, 2007 05:09 pm (UTC)
Nyur..... =.\
I think you would have to do a Google search for that one then. .^^; Sorry....
Jul. 19th, 2010 11:40 pm (UTC)
I just wanted to say I completely agree with you regarding the casting of Genma and Himi. I thought the two seiyuus embodied the two characters perfectly, especially Hirakawa Daisuke. His voice never fails to make my heart ache whenever he performs these types of tragic characters, so he was really effective as Himi.

And I have to say I actually do like the twins storyline, but I think I might be a bit biased since they are voiced by three of my favorite seiyuus and I heard them before actually seeing them in action in the manga. I just wished that their first appearance in the BLCD had followed the way they were introduced in the manga. The whole BLCD-in-a-BLCD omake was kind of weird. Plus I wanted the 3P scene, dammit. Lolz.

Thank you again!
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