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Bi aka RAIN is Stephen Colbert's rival??? ?____?

I laughed so much when I saw code_k's recent LJ entry.  It happen to feature two of my fav. people, Stephen Colbert and Bi!!
So if you're a fan of either, I advise you to check out her entry because it features a video from Colbert's show.
On the show, Stephen talked about how TIME's had people write in their list of the Most Influential People in the world.  Stephen was number 2.  But none other than Bi was number 1!  WOOT!  Way to go Bi!!  I had no idea that so many people would vote for him.  That's awesome.

Anyhow, Stephen said he's always been up against Bi.  And he featured a clip of Bi's video!^^
But then Stephen released his own MV in Korean!!  It was a great homage to Bi.  Even the clothes down to the hand bandage/cloth was a copy of Bi's.^o^

Haha, it was just so great!  "Singing in Korean" rocks!

Hmmm....I wonder when Bi will come to Japan?  I'd love to see him and Se7en again.
The last time I've seen them live is the Korean-American Peace Concert in Washington DC.   They were fantastic live!
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