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Got back from Chieco's Recording!

What an exciting day, today!
Today, I got to meet Kawabe Chieco! ^^  She's best known for singing the OP for Ouran Koukou Host-bu, "Sakura Kiss" and for her role as Naru in the Sailor Moon Live Action Drama and Ami in the Sailor Moon musicals.  Chieco is totally sweet and cute in person.  I think she was surprised to see me and my friend at the recording and my friend and I could tell that she was trying to figure out who we were and why we there.  So during the break while she was inside the studio, she wrote on a piece of paper, "My name is Chieco." in English. Hahah!!!  So my friend and I struggled to look for a pen and paper and during the next break we wrote back, "We know, Chieco." ^o^  She was so shocked.  And we communicated through sign language. 
Chieco: Why? How do you know me?
Me and my friend: (through sign language and mouthing slowly) U-TA.  SONG!!  (hand to ear as if listening poses) ^^;

We were so silly. 
It took her a while to get it.  But she finally did.   But I guess just to be sure, she motioned that she'll just come outside and ask since the recording was almost over.

So after the recording, she came out of the studio and she greeted us with a warm "hi."  Even though, she didn't need to speak it, she's amazingly comfortable with speaking in English (Thanks to GABA ka na...) and greeted us with a warm "hi."  Then she asked us all these questions and we chatted for quite a while. She's really so friendly and kind! ^^  I was really glad to be able to meet her.

Haircut Pictures

As for the requests for haircut pictures, I'll post them in my next entry! ^^

Other News
In the mail today, I got a front row ticket to an event for the first time in my life, I think.  More on that Wednesday or Thursday.^^


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