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Wow...seriously, there are so many great anime out this season.
On Friday, after hearing Hatano Wataru talk about it on PASH de Dash! and even my Japanese teacher telling me about how she enjoyed the original series, I started watching Toward the Terra, aka 地球へ。。。which is read テラへ.  So technically it can also be written as Tera e but I see lots of people type it out as Terra e.  Anyhow, I digress!
I love this series and how it moves me everytime I watch.  I love when a series moves me to tears and I don't think a series has touched me so much since...well, since Code Geass.  I really never thought I would've been so in to this series esp. since I knew it was a remake of an old 70s manga.  And you know I'm not really into the art style of the 70s, but damn the story is so good and the anime did a good job of somewhat modernizing the character design enough for me to even think that Soldier Blue and Keith are cute.  In fact, I fell in love with the series so much that I went out to buy the original manga which was recently re-released.  But, I can't decide on whether to wait till after the anime is over or not to read the whole manga.  I'm not sure if I want to be spoiled or not.

Anyhow, I can't understand why this series isn't that popular yet.  I personally think the story is outstanding.  It takes place way into the future after humans basically destroyed earth (terra).  The world is now run by computers and children are raised by foster parents who they eventually leave after taking their adulthood exam.  At the adulthood exam, memories of the mother and father they grew up with are erased and they go on to be what are considered functional members of society without emotional attachments to deal with.  One boy, Jomy Marquis Shin was really against having his memories erased and was saved by Soldier Blue from the MU society.  MU are people with high psychic abilities which are frowned upon in the new human society.  Therefore any MU's who are discovered living amongst the humans are to be eliminated and such was Jomy's face until he was able to escape.  Jomy has incredible MU powers which are stronger than any other MU.  He is chosen as the next leader of the MU to secede Soldier Blue.

The cast for this show is awesome.  I really love Saiga Mitsuki's performance as Jomy!  She's really been outstanding!
And then Sugita as Soldier Blue...wow, just perfect!
Hatano Wataru as Sam!! And wow Inoue Marina as Seki Rei Shiroe did an uber-excellent job.  She made me cry so much!

My most favorite eps. so far are definitely 4 and 9!  A lot of the episodes made me cry towards the end....but wow 9 really had me crying waterfalls.  I actually liked Shiroe from the beginning.  He reminded me a lot of Jomy.  And I too, was one of the hopeful viewers that thought that Jomy would be there to the rescue at the very last minute.  I didn't want him to die so soon. ;___;  I wanted to see more of him and I would've loved to see him reunite with Jomy.

As for eps. 11, that also moved me to tears.  I thought it was a shocking way for SOM (<--yeah, that's the way I saw it spelled in this ep. so I take it as the official spelling.) to die.  Poor Jomy. T____T
And wow, Keith really grew up to look like an evil villain..what have the years done to him...?  I guess now he'll want revenge for Som's death???

So sad that I have to wait another week before I can watch more!  And why aren't there any Terra e goods!!  Me wants!

BTW, I really love the OP animation and song for this series.  I could seriously watch the OP over and over again and not get bored.
I have endscape by UVERworld on loop in my mp3 player too. The lyrics are great!  It was so much fun to sing at karaoke on Saturday!



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