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Well there was good news and bad news in this episode of Terra e.  In any case, I cried through most of it. T____T
Seriously, there's maybe only one episode from this series that I haven't cried during.

FIrst, the

Good News
There's a 3 year time jump and so now the younger genration of Myuu have been successful at making more babies and cultivating Nasca into their new home.
And the best news of all is SAM (yes they spelled it with an "a" in this ep.) is ALIVE!!!  He's alive!  OMG, I thought for sure he was a goner in the last ep.  Thank goodness he's still a live. Someone tell JOMY, he's at least safe.

Unfortunately, the

Bad News
Sam has the brain of a five year old and lost all memories except for ones from his childhood in Ataraxia.
Other sad news...Yui..;___; ..............YUI ;___; ...........YUUUUUUIIII T__T
Yui died. The weird thing is my Myuu powers must be awakening.:p  In the beginning of the ep. I was thinking about how I haven't seen any of the spacecrafts getting into accidents..and then boom suddenly one does. :<  But dammit!!! Why!! Why did it have to happen?  Why did Yui have to die?  Why of all times couldn't telekinesis be used.  T___T

Other News: Keith's new boytoy Matsuka
So, Keith's got a new boytoy after Shiroe I guess.
The new kid is Matsuka and I like his fearful personality.
He's especially scared sh!+less of Keith.
Poor kid he couldn't hide the fact that he could read Keith's mind.
And he'd gone so long trying to keep the powers to himself.
Now Keith keeps him at his side, so sweet.  I hope he doesn't end up betraying him tho.
And no matter how nice Keith is to him, I hope Matsuka is saved by Jomy.  It can' t be safe staying with the humans in that situation.  And I hope Matsuka won't become an enemy of the Myuu.  That could be a precursor to another tragedy if he does.

Anyhow, gotta wait another long week for a new ep. T___T  Mouu too long!


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