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Gurren Lagann 20

Wow. T____T
I cried at the end. I nearly cried during that one Kittan scene but the last scenes definitely made me cry.
First of all, I loved all the prison action.  Viral's back to calling Simon a naked monkey again.:p
I realized how much of a man Simon had become because he was all ready to kick Viral's half-naked ass without hesitation.
Unfortunately, their fight got broken up by the guards and because that stupid chicken got in the way, all the cellmates, things got messed up.
Poor Simon and Viral, they got all the blame for the fight, when the other inmates claimed that they were ganging up on the chicken dude.

Kittan rocked in this episode.  I really almost thought he was goner there....Thank goodness that wasn't the case.
And I'm so glad he got Simon's core drill back.

Rossiu is such a loser and hate him even more this time than I did last episode.
I utterly despise him!  How do  you leave mankind behind just to save your own @ss!? LOSER!
And just because you're escaping to space, don't think your safe!!  Oh yeah, don't think your safe!!
Because according to Nia, only despair awaits you! So eat that!

Anyways, I really liked the conversation Viral and Simon were having before Anti-Spiral Nia showed up.  Hehe...Viral didn't like the idea of Simon being the last person he sees before death/the end of the world.

Well, looks like the Gurren-dan will be forming into action again.  Yoko appeared at the end of the episode.
Now to wait another week for ep. 21. Tanoshimi Tanoshimi!


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