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Toward the Terra 19
Tony ga sugoi ne.  I may not agree with his methods.  But I can't help but admire the fact that everything he does is for the sake of Jomy.
In his mind, Jomy is the most important.  And as for now, since I can't speak for how he might change in the future, he has no intention to usurp Jomy even if he may be more powerful than him.  I can only admire that.

As for Keith, man just when I thought he was being badass for destroying Mother Eliza...it turns out it was a part of some bigger plan by Grandmother??? I'm so confused.  I mean I thought he was doing all that for Shiroe.  いやな展開になってる。
I hope this is just a part of another elaborate plot to fool Grandmother.:/

As for Swena, I kinda don't mind them bringing her back into the story.  I like how she is so calm with the Myu and isn't freaking out or anything.  It's nice.  It kinda shows that humans and Myu can get along and live together in peace.

As for Jomy, yay! Finally the path to Terra has opened.  But an even bigger battle awaits the Myu.  I'm scared.  Matsuka better not die.:<
Though, I can already guess that the inevitable will happen. T___T

A bit off topic but, I have to say I prefer Inoue Marina's boy voice (as Seki Rei Shiroe) to her girl voice (as Youko in GL).

Ze: Moriya x Ryuusei Arc came to an end
Finally,  I got to read the conclusion of the Moriya x Ryuusei arc.
I thought it was well worth the wait. 
Moriya's devotion to Ryuusei is amazing.  I, too, was saddened when a near death Ryuusei flat out rejected Moriya.
Moriya's feelings at that time were just...wow.  And thank goodness Ryuusei came in time.  I almost thought we were gonna see a repeat of Genma x Himi with Moriya becoming recycled and losing all his memories of Ryuusei.  Thank you Shimizu-sensei for not being redundant. m(----____----)m
Next month, is the REFORM Arc!  It'll be back to Raizou and Kon!!  Hopefully, this won't be just a silly chapter like the ones with the twins and will be a good arc to rival Moriya x Ryuusei.  Tho, the chances of it being a light arc are high, I guess. Well as long as it's good, I won't complain!!


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Dec. 17th, 2009 01:46 am (UTC)
Moriya almost got recycled? lol... I like the way you put it lol ^O^
Nov. 7th, 2011 11:25 am (UTC)
I've just read the manga ze and i've really like it specially the pairing of moriya x ryuusei thats why i really want to know what happen in chap 29 and 30 and the extra of vol 6... waaahhh i want to finish their arc so badly!!!! so please kindly tell me...
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