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Comike and Chara Hobby!! Hirakawa-san!!


Friday, I went to the infamous Comike.
Ugh, the crowds were so gross.  I hate wading through crowds of sweaty guy otaku.:p
It's not a very pleasant feeling.  And it didn't help that the sun mad it feel like an inferno.
But somehow gokumew2, eien_chiharu made it to the industry booths.
But even tho, we got inside, it felt like we might as well have been outside.  There was barely any space to walk.
I didn't expect it to be so crowded, stinky and stuffy.  Bleh. I thought it would be nice and spacy and with a good AC blowing like Jump Festa usually is. We made our rounds around the room collecting a bunch of free stuff.  I have a Gurren Lagann fan now!! woo

The highlight of the day was seeing seiyuu,  Hirakawa Daisuke (he cohosts Sugar Beans Hosoukyoku and also played Himi in Ze)!!  He was so cute!!  I'm too tired to write in detail about it but just check gokumew2's post if you wanna know more.^^  Braving the crowds was so worth it for him.

Chara Hobby
Today, we skipped the crowds at Comike for the space, comfort and AC of Chara Hobby!!
I saw a lot of cool models, figures and games!  I'm really interested in the Gundam 00 series now. 
The best part was when we played the new Wii Gundam game.  It's actually the same game I played with nitaspitas as a team during the Gundam Expo at Sunshine City.  This time, I played 1p vs. 2p. against gokumew2 and eien_chiharu.  I suck.  But, I just need some practice to get used to the controls.
Our Japanese helper was so nice and friendly and told us to come play again if we had free time.  We ended up coming back at the end of the day and playing 9 rounds in a row. Hehe, luckily because there were no lines we could play the game as long as we wanted. It was sweet.

Well, I wanna post more pics later. Too tired now.  Oyasumi!


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Aug. 21st, 2007 12:16 am (UTC)
Comike was crazy! Chara Hobby was like "where is everybody" ^^;
Aug. 21st, 2007 02:30 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it was! I especially hated having to rub arms with sweaty smelly otaku guys on Friday. Argh.>< So kimoi!

Haha, true about Chara Hobby. I almost enjoyed it better just because of that reason. I kinda think they should make Comike bigger. Like maybe have a separate room for events and stuff. That way people watching and trying to participate in events wouldn't be a bother to people who are trying to walk around and look at other people's booths.
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