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OMG! A miracle has occured and with Terra e 21, I have begun to open a little space in my heart for Tony.
I totally can't believe it! Before I could only see Tony as a crazy freak Myu.  Much like some of the other Myu think of the natural-borned Myu.
And the only thing I liked about Tony before was his devotion to Jomy.

But with ep. 21, I've really gotten to see that he actually HAS a heart.  And I began to realize this way before the battle occured in this episode.
When he was talking about why he follows Jomy, I was so touched.  I'm glad he could realize Jomy's guilt about what happened to his parents and the tragedy of Nasca. And it's touching to see him blindly following Jomy and on the ready to fight at any moment at his will. T___T

I'm glad that this episode showed the human/vulnerable side of the natural-borned Myu.  They were an arrogant bunch who thought they were invincible.  Not sure if this event will change any of them for the better tho.  I assume now they are all gonna be driven by revenge. Well, especially Tony.  But can I blame him at this point? Before I would've been pissed off by his ruthlessness but now I think it just might be ok for him to go crazy with revenge. 

Thank goodness he didn't end up like Katrina! Thank you JOMY, for getting to him on time!! Speaking of Jomy, I hope the brat Myu saw how incredible he is.  I mean he did manage to repel the humans successfully.

AAAH! I'm just so scared now!  So in ep. 22.....is it gonna come down to Tony vs. Matsuka???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Not now that I've begun to like them both....DAMN it! Matsuka hurry up and change sides!! This may sound cold but if I had to choose, I would rather Keith go than either of the Myu.><



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