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Hanami Again

Today, I went to see the sakura at the park with some friends. Only a few of the trees are at full bloom but it was still beautiful. Plus, the food was great! I bought steak on a stick, french fries and a crepe. And I also had some of my friends' sweet potato and yakiika (squid). The food was good and cheap...well, except for the steak. But, man, I think I'll go there again tomorrow just for the food! hehe...

Korean Class

After I hanged out the park, I went with my J-friend to observe a Korean class. It was really cool because the class is based on Korean dramas. It's called Winter Sonata and All In Korean drama fans, Let's Learn Korean!
. Uwaaa...I wanna take the class! But, I dunno...it's taught in Japanese so there could be times where I'd have no idea what the teacher is talking about....maybe neways...so, that would be the main reason I'd have for not taking it. Plus, I dunno if it's good or not to learn both Korean and Japanese at the same time. :/ Oh well. I'll think about it. I have until June to decide since the next term of classes will begin then.

Tommorow Lawson e

Looks like I'm gonna have to plan another trip to Lawson tomorrow. Man, and I was by there today but didn't walk in. Anyhow, I heard from Kime-san's BBS that the LOPPI mag has a TeniMyu article with (a) picture(s)!? I must see!! I must get!!

Koinu no WALTZ (Fudoumine's Kamio)

Today, I watched the NTV dorama Koinu no Waltz which of course stars a puppy called Waltz. I was actually watching this dorama for a glimpse of Matsui Yasuyuki (Kamio in Tenimyu). Matsui updated his diary recently and had mentioned it and the RAG FAIR PV. So, I wanted to see who he played...but darn he didn't appear in this episode...or did he?

The story is kinda Cinderella-ish. It stars a blind girl who can play the piano very very well. It also stars a man who is part of a very rich family. One day the girl plays the piano at the place where the guy is staying at which is like a kindegarten I blv, that boards its students. The children think that the person they often hear playing the piano in the dark is a ghost.

The guy hears the girl playing the piano and goes to check the ghost story out. He's impressed by the girl's mad piano skills but loses his chance to see her face because she runs away into the darkness before he can talk to her. But as she ran away she left her red shoe behind that has a glass heart hanging from it.

So with the glass red shoe in hand the man searches for her. Meanwhile, the girl goes about her daily life. She saves up money so she can buy this one puppy that she really loves. But she is severely bullied by her co-workers. I dunno why they're so mean but it's really terrible the way they are to her. They put hot powder into her soup once just to be mean. I mean c'mon she cant even see and they bully her.

They end up stealing her money, too. Towards the end of the first ep., the man finds the girl but he witnesses her fighting with one of the bad girls. She actually pushes the bad girl and the bad girl falls down the stairs. So that didn't leave such a good impression on the guy but he decides to bring her to Tokyo with him anyways. He also buys her the puppy.;___: So she agrees to go with him.

But there's more to this story. The guy has a huge family. And his father's favorite son died in a motorcycle accident 18 years ago. So I think he's deciding who the inheritance will go to and it seems like the guy may have a good chance against his other siblings.

The interesting thing is Matsui-kun hadn't shown up in the first ep...and the favorite son who had died 18 years ago--they won't show his face!! its so frustrating! so it's driving me crazy that I dunno if that means he plays the dead son. Or if his character just doesn't appear until the next episode or so! Ahhh!! I wanna know!

Well, now I'm off to watch Winter Sonata. I'm switching the dub to Japanese, tho. Since I've already seen it subbed in English before. And I can practice my Japanese comprehension this way, too!^^


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Apr. 17th, 2004 10:31 am (UTC)
The Korean class sounds so fascinating! Dude, if I was taight Korean through drama, I'd actually friggin learn~! xDD

waaah, that drama sounds interesting~! *wants to see* *pout* Maybe it'll be in subbed in Korean soon.
Apr. 17th, 2004 07:04 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think it's a brilliant idea! I was really excited when i first heard about it. You kno, in Japan, they even have these books and magazines where they teach Korean and use dialogue from the dramas, too. It's so cool. Wish they had the equivalent in English!

Hope you get to see that drama! And I hope it has a good ending!^^ When it's finished airing, I'll let u know whether it's worth watching or not!^^
Apr. 17th, 2004 08:47 pm (UTC)
Wooow, I am so impressed. I really really bet I can learn Korean so much faster this way. xD;;;

I will be looking for it soonish at my local rental store. I've been looking for a good drama to watch. Most of the ones I was watching has ended and the new season doesn't look all too interesting. Heh, but yesh, updates on the drama would be nice. And if you ever do get to see Kamio-actor. Man, I would watch just for him oozing hotness.
Apr. 18th, 2004 08:03 am (UTC)
I'm with you on that! Even if the dorama were boring, I'd prolly just watch to see him!^^ lol
Apr. 17th, 2004 10:42 am (UTC)
>_> I don't know if you know...but you can read Loppi online...it's a monthly subscription =) free too
They distribute it the 15th of every month =) I just got mine a day ago and it's actually an advertisement for the TeniMyu Perfect Live with a pic of Kime singing "You Got Game" from the first musical =)
>_> and they used the same pic for Gackt that they used in the last Loppi mag..

Apr. 17th, 2004 07:00 pm (UTC)
hi, lori!^__^
actually, yeah, i remember u mentioning being able to view the loppi mag online before. i tried it the other day, too. but it was too much of a hassle for me and my slow computer. for me, it's much easier to just walk into lawson and pick it up. plus it'll be great to have the real thing in my hands. and altho i said must buy in my title...(i was really sleepy when i wrote that). the loppi mag is actually free. so it's no problem for me to get!^^
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