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Autumn is here in Tokyo.

I'm loving these consecutive Mondays off.  Lately, due to national holidays and whatnot here in Japan, we've been having every Monday for the last few weeks off.  So, yes, no work today!  Woot.  

Even so, I still had to go to Japanese school.  But on my way there I had another one of those Tokyo is a small city afterall moments when by chance I ran into someone I knew from LJ.:p  Actually, we've never met in person before but I had seen her pics before so I recognized her right away when I saw her at the station. 

Sorry, if I surprised you when I came up to talk to you.:p
Unfortunately, I had to rush off to Japanese class and the station was pretty noisy at the time so it was kinda hard to hear each other.^^;
Anyhow it was nice meeting you.  これからもよろしくね!

Today was great because I was well rested before class.
Usually, I have to go after work so I'm always feeling exhausted and in need of a good Caffe Latte or my concentration completely goes off, esp. when I'm reading aloud.  But today I was so focused and hyper thanks to having a good nights rest.  I really should get more than the three hours of sleep I've been getting lately.><

Today, my teacher was asking if I have any interesting events planned.  I told her about how I'm gonna watch the Shounen Onmyouji musical this Sunday.  And she asked me if I knew any of the cast.  So I was like yeah, I know this guy Juri from Tenimyu but that's about it.  So then she brought up the Hotaru dorama which Katou Kazuki stars in.  She thinks he's cute and she was asking if his goal from the beginning was to be a stage actor or a tv actor.  And of course, I'm not exactly a Katou fan so I don't know that well about him but I told her it seems he likes singing.  And she brought up that she had seen the CMs for his music but she thinks he isn't really a good singer and should just stick to acting.  I laughed so hard because she was so blunt. Sorry Katou fans, but I have to agree with my teacher..I'm not really into his songs.:/

Anyhow, I can't believe it's October already. Man, this year is flying by so quickly.  And with the change in months, the fall weather has set in.  It was so nice and cool today.   It felt very much like autumn.  I just need to see some leaves changing color for it to be perfect.  Still, I wonder when I'll see another sunny day.  It was pretty much cloudy or rainy all weekend. But, hey I'm looking forward to wearing long sleeves again.


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