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Kid Nation ep. 3

"Everybody has their moments that..they miss...their friends and family.  Especially in times like this, where..the wind blows your face off. "--from Kid Nation

Kid Nation
is such an awesome reality show.
It kinda makes me wish I could be a kid and become a pioneer in Bonanza City.
It really makes you realize how much work kids can actually do.
Sometimes, I'm even surprised at how hard they work and wonder if I could've done the same thing at their age.

I really like the show and most of the kids are cute, funny, or impressive.
But I must say that I really don't like Greg or Taylor.

Greg is a bully whose only good for getting physical stuff done.  But I really get tired of his immaturity for being the oldest of
the bunch.  I mean really....why can't he realize how terrible he is by cussing so much in front of 8 year olds?  Esp. when the younger kids are begging him to stop.

As for Taylor, ugh, being a beauty queen has gone to her head.  She is so stuck up.  I can totally see her growing up to be the popular girl with her own clique of friends who thinks she's better than everyone else at school...like in the movies.  I get tired of seeing her and the blonde girl laughing about how they can be as lazy as they want.  I kinda felt bad that the townpeople made her cry when they criticized her.  But, she really needed the criticism.  She is so Marie Antoinette. I can totally see her telling the kids if there's no bread then let them eat cake.  ><

I'm glad Mallory got the gold star. She DOES work hard. Hopefully, Morgan can get the gold star next time. 



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