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Juushin Enbu - HERO TALES and Shion no Ou

Today, I checked out more new anime titles.  I'm happy to say I found some more HITS.

Juushin Enbu - HERO TALES (1)
This series is awesome! It's by the same mangaka as FMA.  But that's not why I like it.  It's actually really exciting to watch.  Other than Dragonauts, I haven't found a really good action anime that really makes me anxious for the next ep.  But Juushin Enbu delivers! Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to type up a summary of the plot. So here I'll just point you to a wiki link. After watching the first ep, I'm already interested in reading the manga. :p By the way, SuzuKen plays the lead Taitou in this one.  And altho, he didn't have that many lines in the first ep, I have to give mad props to Sakurai Takahiro. With the little lines he had, he made quite an impression.  And wow, he was really awesome as he did the preview for the 2nd ep!
Now, I'm listening to the Juushin Enbu Raji.  The hosts are SuzuKen and Koyama Rikiya. Should be interesting!

BTW, the Juushin Enbu also has a kickass OP called Winterlong by BEAT CRUSADERS.  I definitely recommend it.

Shion no Ou (1)
Hmm..now this is a very interesting one!  It's based around shougi.  So if you liked Hikaru no Go, you might wanna check this one out.  Tho, it's a bit darker than Hikago.  It's got a mystery element in it.  The main chara is a girl which surprised me because I was expecting a boy when I first heard about this story.  And this girl is only an elementary student.  She can't speak ever since she witnessed her parents being murdered when she was little.  So I guess we'll be finding out why her parents were killed and who killed them in the following eps.  It also appears that someone is watching her now so I dunno what kind of motives they have...if they're bad or good or what...There's also a boy who disguises himself as a girl to play women's shougi and work his way up the ranks to make money for his mom's surgery. He's quite interesting as well. I'm looking forward to the next ep.

Ok, now I gotta head to bed. I apologize in advance if my sentences don't make sense. I'm very tired right now.        


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Oct. 21st, 2007 03:48 pm (UTC)
woots!! I liked Hero Tales, too. When I heard it was written by Arakawa it immediately entered my to-try list. I wasn't disappointed. The art is more Arakawa than FMA, methinks. And Shion is already on my list,haven't downloaded it though.. I love strat and tactics..mystery past is a plus, too..
Oct. 27th, 2007 01:39 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'm looking forward to more Hero Tales. I haven't seen many ppl mention it on my FL, I guess not many people know about it yet. I guess it's too early to tell what's popular this season.
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