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I have like less than a month to prep for JLPT 2 and I still feel like a suck. T____T
Ugh, I'm just really bad at taking test. I can't help it.
I have to say my weakest point when it comes to the JLPT is the Reading section.
Heck, I was so slow at reading when it came to standardized tests like the SATs back home, how the heck should I be able to read just as quickly in Japanese, damnit!! Not to mention the Level 2 Reading questions can be so tricky.><
Ok, I'm ok with the short readings but the long readings are the ones that give me migraines.
So if anyone has any tips, please let me know. Of course, anything other than read novels, cuz well I already do that.
(Sigh) Why can't the readings be as simple as finding the main idea in the first or last paragraphs!!?

Anyhow the test site is like an hour away and on one of the most inconvenient train lines for me.  And of course, it would be in the part of Saitama that is furthest from me.>< I know my fault for registering last minute but..oh well.  At least, I'm not in some place like Tochigi tho.

Well, I'm off to take a break from all this studying.


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Nov. 6th, 2007 12:05 am (UTC)
I hear you!
That is my weak point as well. I can beat Kanji into my head, but I still cannot read at a normal person speed... damn you JLPT level 2!
I find that looking at old tests helps me. I have gotten better... still don't think I will pass the reading part, but I am getting my reading time down and comp. up!
Check this link out for old tests to practice on (if you have not already done so)!

As they say in Japan:
Nov. 10th, 2007 04:30 pm (UTC)
Re: I hear you!
Thanks for the link. It's very useful!!
Yeah, it's so annoying because I'll understand the content of the reading. But I won't understand the question or I'll get stuck between two answers cuz I'm afraid of the question being tricky!!>< So far, with the practice tests I do well with the short readings but the long readings I'm so inconsistent. I'll like get 3 out of the 5 questions right or I'll get all the questions right on some and then like none on others!! >.< chou kuyashii1!
I should've studied harder during the summer!

BTW, where are you taking the test from? How are you doing with vocab?
Nov. 10th, 2007 11:46 pm (UTC)
Re: I hear you!
Since I am on Kyushu, I have to go to Fukuoka to take the exam. Which is not too bad. After I fail it I am heading straight to the Mandarake to spend my woes away! Ah anime smut... and of course Costco for some random American comfort food!

As far as vocab- it is hit and miss. It seems like I am "bipolar" with pretty much everything on all the tests... On some of the tests I have no problem, but others.. ouch...
I got the White Rabbit Level 2 Kanji cards, which have the kanji for level 2 and vocab from the test with the kanji- I have been forcing myself to go through those quite often in hopes to pump up the vocab....

But with the way the scoring goes... reading it going to kill me.

I should have taken the easier test... I know I would have passed the level 3 no prob... that was what my college course prepared me for... stupid kate! Challenges are overrated!

Oh well, I am not leaving these islands till I have the level 2 passed! That is my goal!
Nov. 11th, 2007 12:17 am (UTC)
Re: I hear you!
Wow, Kyushu, cool! I think I'll be dead after the test. I hate these kind of long tests. And I always worry that I'll make a mistake filling in the circles by not erasing them enough or filling them in too light or filling them a little outside of the line or if I skip a question I might accidentally forget to skip and fill in everything one off or something. ><

I think my grammar is the one section I'm actually pretty anshin about.
Vocab gets me when they start using set phrases which you either know or you don't know. You just have to memorize them.>< And then they also seem to have the vocab in there that if you translate to English, they all pretty much translate to the same word. You just have to know your Japanese well enough to get the nuances. Very frustrating.

I have the same kanji cards. But I'm bad. I haven't really picked them up which I know is a waste of my own money but...I HAVE been pretty much studying my Kanji in Context book. So I'm memorizing vocab from there.

I dunno, I think Level 3 might be too easy for you if you can semi do Level 2. Unless you have the money to spend, I don't think there's much point in taking Level 3. It's too easy compared to Level 2.

BTW, How long have you been in Japan?
How long have you been studying Japanese?
Nov. 11th, 2007 01:06 am (UTC)
Re: I hear you!
I have been in Japan on the Jet program for a full year and a few months now.
Back in the States I took a year and a half in college, and then a semester in Tokyo- that is where I met Youkofujima.

So in total (0n and off) for about three years or so. You?
Sadly I do not get to use my Japanese as much as I would like here in Sasebo because of the US Naval Base. Most people here know English and want to speak English... it kinda sucks.

Yeah level 3 would be easy... but I hate failing things...
Nov. 11th, 2007 01:32 am (UTC)
Re: I hear you!
I know how you feel. I'm resigning myself to failing so I don't get my hopes up. On the bright side, I've learned so much just from studying for this durn test.

I studied Japanese in uni for 2 years. Unfortunately, they didn't offer any classes past 2 years so I ended up taking Mandarin after that. After uni, I went straight to Akita on the JET Program, too. I was in the deep inaka yet I didn't get to speak as much Japanese as I would've liked either. There were few ppl near my age there. It was either high school kids or younger or senior citizens. Not surprisingly, all the young people went to Tokyo or out of town once they graduated from high school.:/ I feel more comfortable hanging around people my age or younger, older people...I run out of topics to talk about esp. since I'd prefer to talk about pop culture which is why I got a long with my students so well. My JTE used to refer to me as the ALT who was in with the kids because I always knew who and what they were talking about when it came to music, tv or manga.:p
So needless to say I had an awesome time on JET. Esp. thanks to my great schools and super nice BOE. They were no nonsense and for supposed office days would tell us to come in at 8 but then would make us stay for like 2 hours and then we could go home to "clean our apartments" because that was oh so part of the job or of course "go to the library" to "study Japanese"--another important part of the job. They never made us stay at the office to waste our time doing nothing. So I really feel I was lucky to get placed with them. Teaching there was so stress free and felt less like work than the job I have now.

Hope youre enjoying your JET experience. Tho, I know ESID.

I was there for 2 years and would've stayed if it were closer to Tokyo. And I was kinda getting tired of having to look over my shoulders everytime because I would run into my students everywhere. Including Animate. ><

So for the past 2 years I've been in Tokyo. And now I work in the day and study at night at Japanese school which I go to 2 days a week. I wish I could go everyday but I don't make the kinda money I did on JET anymore. But I've only gone to school for a year. So I've been studying off and on since college until I started that school.

Nov. 11th, 2007 02:25 am (UTC)
Re: I hear you!
nice... I am thinking of staying a 3rd year... I would love to move to Tokyo, but I don't want to be an English teacher for the rest of my days in Japan. Nor could I effectively save money there! School loans are a bitch! And Ikebukoro owns my soul!

My school here is super academic and I am worked hard! Speech kiddies, English Club, 24 classes a week... kind of nice to be used, but not really fair when other Alts get to go home early or only have like 10 classes a week... but I do enjoy it most of the time.

I want to get "fluent" and see if I can use my poli sci hook ups to get an 'in' in the US Embassy or something... or get into a Japanese University and do the law school thing.

I need the extra year down here to see what I want to do...

As for today- my nose and throat hate me, so it is stay inside, watch movies and study day... hopefully I can kick this cold in the ass before I have to go to work tomorrow...

Happy Studying!
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