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Yesterday afternoon, I attended the KoiGig Live/Public Recording event in Uguisudani.  It was a nice little venue so even if you were in the back of the room, you still weren't that far from the stage.  And due to it being the afternoon show, there was a lot of room to move as it wasn't as crowded as the night show prolly was.  I would've gone to both but I had pre-arranged plans for the night.  Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the live.  BTW, I should warn you that this report is not in exact order.  I'm too tired right now, to remember everything in exact order. -- .  --;

Unfortunately, I've never played the game before.  All that I know about KoiGiG is from listening to the radio show.:p  I don't even have the drama cd yet.  If I hadn't spent so much on paying off my city taxes here, I would've bought the dorama cd yesterday.

Yesterday's cast included OnoD, Hatano Wataru, Suganuma Hisayoshi, Tochika Koichi, and Oohashi Takamasa.   Of course, I was looking forward to finally getting to see OnoD and Hatano live for the first time.   OnoD is so cute and Hatano is so hot in person. And of course, Hatano plays a cool tsundere in the game so haha..it was so cute to see him putting so much effort into staying in character by keeping a straight face and totally looking like he is the jjang and he knows it.  Needless to say, most of the screams in the crowd were for him.:p I'm so proud of him that his popularity is continuing to increase.

OnoD opened the show with one of his solo songs.  He's such a good singer live and he was so hot in his clothes.  His costume was the same as the picture above. He really impressed me at this live and I've grown to like him more from this event.  After his song, he introduced the other cast members and they all made some comments to the fans.  It was a rainy day.  So they talked about how we must've gotten wet and how they hope we get wet during the live.><

They mentioned that there was one cast member that wasn't on stage but they had a special surprise for us all.  So everyone was expecting a certain seiyuu to suddenly appear on stage.  But they teased us and actually it was just a video message from Toriumi Kousuke who couldn't be there because he was at an event in Sendai. In the video, Toriumi had a message for each individual cast member.  Forgive me but I'm totally blanking on what he said to Hatano.  If I recall, I'll definitely post it up.

After that, there was a battle of the dialects!!  Most of the guys are inaka boys so they came up with this cool corner where they could earn money but speaking as much of their local dialect as possible.  Suganuma is from Tokyo so he represented Edo which meant he had to talk really old-fashioned like an old man. And I think it was hardest for him because the language doesn't change as much as it does for the others.  Anyhow, Hatano represented Shinano of course.:p And his performance was cute!  Basically the guys were given these lines and had to translated it into their dialect.  The lines were the type to swoon the girls..stuff like "hey baby you make me feel hot inside and i love you..."  So it made for an extremely funny corner.

After that, there was another cool little corner where we had a mini movie made by Oohashi and OnoD demonstrating good and bad fans and telling us the things we can and cannot do.  It was hilarious.  They talked about things like not videotaping or putting your cup of beer on the stage.  Or not getting too excited that you bother the people around you.  And they demonstrated how to act when Hatano is on stage.  Everyone should scream really loudly for him. :p  Haha, I love how they support him!  Such awesome senpai!

Another warning we were given from the video was not to fall in love.

Another corner that I loved was the KoiGiG Call and Response RPG!  Basically, it was playing KoiGiG live with the seiyuu in the actual position of their characters instead of some 2D art.  So OnoD was Shu.  And he came up on screen and asked us what we wanted to do.  When this heart thing appeared we were supposed to respond really loudly.  So the game takes place after a live the band has.  And Shu aka Ono D asks us if we want to stay indoors or go out.  After we all respond, Shu chuckles and gives us this look as if we're naughty and says "You're so dirty.  It's still early in the afternoon."  Everyone laughs at his suggestion of H-ness.:p

We end up going out and where does Shu suddenly appear?  No other than, smack in the dab of Akiba.  He thanks us for deciding to go here and talks about how he's always wanted to go there.  We start walking around but then Shu suggests that we should all race.  So he starts running and suddenly all this scenery flashes by, including the leaning tower of Pisa...umm ok he seems to have run a little to hard, he was freakin' out of Japan for goodness sakes.  As a reward for giving such lively responses we get a reward. The camera closes in on OnoD's face and there are sparkles all around him.  He blows us a kiss.(blush blush)

Next there's a Costume party to attend.  Shu tells us that we should just wear sailor uniforms since it would look cute on us.  And we should decide what costume he should wear.  So suddenly we see all these different frames of Shu modeling costumes like a pirate costume and such.  He finally says that he'll wear 'that.'  But we have no idea what he means by 'that.'  So we go to the party.  And at the party Shu leaves us alone to go change into his costume.  Meanwhile, a creepy guy played by Oohashi approaches us and tries to pick us up.  He is mega creepy and we end up screaming for Shu to help us.  Suddenly a rose darts by the creepy guy. !!! Can you guess what OnoD's costume was?  YUP! None other than Tuxedo Kamen complete with corny line!!  Shu rescues us and gets all concerned asking if the guy hadn't done in nasty stuff to us.  He's happy to hear we weren't touched and flashes another cute smile.

*End of part one*


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Nov. 12th, 2007 06:50 pm (UTC)
Awesome report!
I'm soooo jealous over here! I so wish I could go there as well!
It's great that Watapon's fanbase is increasing! GO HIM! XD
Nov. 12th, 2007 07:03 pm (UTC)
Kyaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~ X.DDDD Part one!?!?! Wahhh!!! Type up the rest soon, ne~~~!

I love how Hatano gets to take center stage. He's so cuuuuuute!! GEH! They needed to have this event in August when I could actually go to it! If they ever have another event like this and I'm in town, we're soooooo going together, ne!

Waccha~~~!!!! He's so hetare that it's funny when he tries to be cool. X.DDD
Nov. 12th, 2007 07:26 pm (UTC)
Part 2!!!!!! XDDDD

Nov. 12th, 2007 10:30 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your report! Can't wait for part 2 *____*

Hatano~~~ I wanna see him live *_* It's so cool that his senpai are supporting him so well, and that he has a growing fanbase~

When's the public recording in December? *prays it's when she's in Tokyo* >___> Because I just doubt I'm going to get the tickets for BakuRen to see him ._.
Nov. 12th, 2007 11:56 pm (UTC)
Omgosh Hatano sounds so cute >___<''' (And Ono Daisuke too <33 I love them both to bits XD) You're so lucky~~

"hey baby you make me feel hot inside and i love you..." <- I want him to say that to me... LOL. Looking forward to part two though, thanks for the report!
Nov. 13th, 2007 09:26 am (UTC)
part 2!

cool~ i was wanted also to go but bleh >.> i didn't have money anywayz~~ oh and that remind me XDD who'll go to the december record? i also want to go but..um well i need someone who explain me actually how to get it ^^;; i remember the page sez something of special ouen section.. >.> and i was looking in the page a ouen section XD;;
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