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Manchester United in Tokyo

I meant to post this on Tuesday but I got back home so late that I went straight to bed.
My sister, a friend and I were walking around Shibuya on Tuesday when we come to a crosswalk.
On the other side of the crosswalk there's this group of guys wearing soccer uniform jackets.
And they look hecka official to me.  So I'm commenting to my sis and friend that we should ask them where they're from.
They totally look like pro soccer players.  Especially, since we know that FIFA is starting here this weekend.  But my friend is totally relunctant since he doesn't know anything about soccer.
The light turns green and the guys walk pass us in the opposite direction.  I take a good look at their jackets and they all read Manchester United. ^o^  We make eye contact with some of the guys and they totally smile back.  And it's like argh!!!  we should stop and talk to them.  But before we know it we've already cross the street!  The guys are walking the opposite direction but they turn back to look at us again.  And of course, all of us are like darn..we should've said something.

Anyhow just to be sure, I checked the official Manchester United team site and sure enough I recognized a few of those faces as the guys who we saw.^o^  Oh well, this is one of the cool things about  being in Tokyo. You never know who you're gonna run into.  I'm gonna miss these kind of experiences when I end up leaving Japan.


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