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Ugly Betty 12 : Gio x Betty

Awww...I really liked this episode.
First of all Gio and Betty are so cute in this episode.
And I liked the idea of Betty acting not like herself.  It was quite enjoyable.
Man every episode Gio just gets so much cooler and cooler compared to Egg Salad (Henry).
And this coming from an old Henry x Betty fan. Sorry Egg Salad but you've got nothing on Gio these days.

Anyhow, wasn't the end of the episode freaky!?  I mean what the heck, so now Christina's gonna give birth to Willie's septuplets or however many those were.  I couldn't even tell. It was scary seeing them split and multiply like that.  And this coming from a twin.
Tho, I thought it was funny that right after seeing that, Willie causually says to Marc "Let's go." Like nothing even happened. :p
Tags: ugly betty
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