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I can't believe I forgot to pick up Setsunasa wa Yoru no Biyaku (Painfulness is the Aphrodisiac of the Night) until now.  I love the Seikanji series as well as the Seikanji family!  So I'd really been anticipating this third installment of the series.  Tho, I have to admit I wasn't sure if I'd like Michitaka (JunJun)'s story as much as the others.  When I went to buy the novels, I decided to get the 4th book with Fuyuki's story first.  (I mean all I know about him is that he's this daradara guy who is pretty seemingly mukanshin about his kids and everytime he makes an appearance he's usually begging to do H with Yoshiyasu.  So of course, I'd wanna know what's this mysterious guy's story and is there more to him than he lets his sons believe?)

But Michitaka's story really surprised me.  I thought it would be super boring because he seems to be the happiest son.  The son who appears to be least bothered by his father's behavior and the son who is most sheltered from the outside world and therefore least aware of the politics surrounding his family.

Of course, this installment proved me wrong.  And this is why I think I came to like this story so much.
All this time, I thought Michitaka was just this one-dimensional positive and optimistic younger brother.
I thought he didn't mind his father's reputation and I didn't think that he was concerned about his sister's engagement to Naomi.
But it appears that Michitaka has been keeping a lot to himself and only doesn't show his concern as long as the family is happy.  The sad thing is that he knows he's pretty much useless and can't really do anything to help his family.

It was incredible to hear things from Michitaka's perspective.  And when he found out his brother was having an affair with Naomi...wow.  I couldn't believe Naomi acted the way he did towards Michitaka.  I thought he accepted Yoshiyasu and his father's relationship, but it turns out he just gave up being bothered by it.  And I had no idea he wanted to get away from the family so badly.

When he didn't return home after spending time with Claudio (Suwabe J. ), Kazutaka (Nojima K.) became deeply worried and didn't eat for a week.  He lost a lot of weight.  And of course, that made me love Kazutaka even more.  He's always concerned for his brothers even his aniki.  It's so sweet. And I liked how Naomi was pissed at Michitaka for it.  It showed his love for Kazutaka.><

I really enjoyed this drama cd.  And unlike dramas like Sono Otoko MaOu 2, I wasn't listening for the H.  In fact, I didn't mind hearing more dialogue, I was simply listening for the character interactions and different insights/points of views.

I wonder when the 4th cd is coming out.  I can't wait!!



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