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After the snow. It's Fat Tuesday EVE!

This is a pic of the train tracks in Ikebukuro yesterday.  Today, most of the snow had melted and all that was left was icky black ice.
I hate black ice.  Means I gotta walk slower and more carefully. In other words, time consuming.
Anyhow, I couldn't sleep at all last night.  These days if I don't sleep before 2, I can't seem to sleep at all.><  Somehow, I still had enough energy to get through the first 4 hours of work.  I didn't even really feel sleepy...just sluggish. 

But then, I had school lunch and ate like less than half of it because I didn't really have much of an appetite.  But after I ate, my stomach was hurting like crazy and I felt like I had a fever.  I just felt like crap.  Almost cancelled my Japanese class but I decided to just grin and bear it.  I bought a hazelnut mocha latte drink to keep me awake during class. I guess it worked because I felt a little bit better after having drunk it.  Hopefully I can get enough sleep tonight.

BTW, Tomorrow's Mardi Gras so if you observe Lent, it's your last chance to eat like a pig!  I have to find out what time mass is in at the local Catholic Church in Roppongi Wednesday.  Yeah, I DO feel awkward walking around a mostly atheist country with ashes on my forehead whenever I go to Ash Wednesday mass.  But, it's cool to see other foreign strangers walking around random places with ashes...kinda feels like a connection.


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Feb. 4th, 2008 03:19 pm (UTC)
whoa is snow that rare?
Feb. 5th, 2008 02:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah for Tokyo it is. Last year I think it only snowed once or twice if at all. And this time the snow came down much heavier than I've seen in the past. And continued throughout the day none-the-less! Quite rare!
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