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Kamen Rider Kiva 4 : Musou Wild Blue

"Migi mite. Hidari mite. Ki wo tsukete watarimashou." (Look right. Look left. Be careful and cross the street.)

Another great episode of Kiva.
Otoya was so hilarious and crazy in this episode. He ate 350,000 yen worth of Chinese food at this restaurant. Then when asked to pay, he paid by playing his violin. He impressed Tachikawa Yuuji so much that Yuuji called him a genius and Otoya replied "I know." Haha...gotta love his confidence in himself. Tachikawa realized he could make money of Otoya's violin playing and they agreed to hold a concert. But, on the day of the concert Otoya didn't show up. And so ruined Tachikawa's life as he had to resort to becoming a swindler.
So in this episode, Wataru continues to atone for his father's sins. And in the end Kiva gets to show off his werewolf form.

Like Wataru, I'd like to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding his father and I'd love for the two to meet each other. Hang in there, Wataru! Don't give up on your father yet! This could just be wishful thinking, but there's gotta be something to all of this!

And it's so cute and yet bittersweet how Wataru looks up to Nago as he embodies everything he thought his father ever was.

Oh and I'm finding with each episode I recognize more and more of the places they shoot at. It's cool to see that they filmed at some of the places I've been to in Odaiba and it looks like they also filmed in Otsuka, too.

Well, looking forward to next week and trying to put together more of the puzzle that is Kurenai Otoya and Asou Yuri.


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