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Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!
Sadly, I'm not wearing green at the moment. But I do have a green schedule book nearby.
These last few days I've been super busy.  And looks like I'll be pretty busy for the rest of the month!

Fuuma no Kojirou
Last week went to the stage version of the Fuuma no Kojirou drama!  If you thought the guys were hot on the show, they're even hotter in person. 19 ikemen on one stage, oh yeah, what a wonderful idea it was!  Sadly, half of them are killed off by the end of the show so well not much left for a sequel featuring all of them.  But the way the show ended, there's definitely room for a sequel.
I was really amazed by the well choreographed fight scenes!!  The action for the show is amazing.  And Murai totally puts his all into his performance, whether he's singing, acting or running around with a sword on stage.  He's definitely one of the best stage actors I've seen in a long time.  My favorites, the Sakamoto twins were so cute!  I did notice that Kazuya missed his queue during the duet with Naoya tho.:p Don't mind! Don't mind!

Anyways, it was an awesome show!! Can' t wait for the DVD!

After the show, who do we find wandering around Kabuki-cho....
None other than Shirota Jun aka Kurojishi. Most people probably know him as Shirota Yuu's older bro.
He surprised me because from the outside he doesn't look as approachable as Yuu.
But we stopped and talked to him and he was so nice!  He even signed autographs for us and we talked a bit in Spanish, too.
His Spanish was cute.:p  I kinda wonder if he thought we were random foreigners at first because he was surprised when we asked for an autographed and asked if we had seen the show.
We also ran into Kawakubo Takuji who plays Musashi. Now he's a super super super nice guy. He not only answers questions but he also asks questions back and tries to have a real conversation.

Kimeru's Live
Yesterday was Kimeru's live in Shibuya.  After not having been to his lives in about a year, I can say he still has it. 
Unfortunately, it looks like his fanbase has dwindled down a bit.  We were in AX yesterday, and in the past, the place would be packed and it'd be difficult to walk from the front of the room to the back of the room because there'd barely be any space.  But yesterday, there was plenty of room. I was in the back and could spread my arms out if I wanted to.
I'm not to keen with Kime's new style.  To me the eye makeup is unneccessary and besides I didn't become a fan of him because he wore makeup.  I liked the him that I first saw at O-East.  Simple and seemingly Kime-rashii.  But despite the change in style..his music is still the same for me!  He sang alot of his oldies which were quite natsukashii!!  Oh and Rolly was the special guest and anytime he was on stage, my eyes were surprisingly on him.  Rolly is damn cool.
The one change that I could appreciate was the overly done fanservice.  Thank goodness he's toned it down a bit.  I remember the last live that I went to he did it so much it just felt so fake.
All in all, I had a fun time.^O^

Now this week, I'm looking forward to seeing the Sakamoto twins again!!楽しみだ!


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