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ON/OFF Special Live @ LALAPORT

Today my sis and I went to Lalaport a type of Megamall in Chiba.
So guess who was having a Special live there today? 
ON/OFF!!  They had a special live with performances at 1:00 and 3:00 at the Center Court.
We got their just in time for the 1:00 show.  But we missed the first song Eien no Setsuna.
But it's ok since they were performed it again at 3.
We stood up for the first show but were able to grab seats for the 2nd show.
They sang about 4 or 5 songs for each performance.  And did some really funny MCs.
I thought it was so cute and funny whenever Kazuya would space out while talking.
He'd totally forget what he was about to say.  Or him and Naoya would be expecting the other to talk while the other grabbed water.  But none of them were saying anything.:p
Then they'd also be talking about upcoming work and forget dates and places asking for help from fans to remind them.>< Haha.

Kazuya also tried to convince the audience to check out the Health and Beauty Festa that was going on at the mall.  And which also happened to be their sponsor.

They also talked about Fukuoka since they are both from Fukuoka.  I was surprised to hear that they haven't been in Tokyo that long.  In fact, I've been in Tokyo longer than them.:p

Anyhow they put on an awesome performance!  After watching them I felt really energetic.  Especially after seeing Kazuya's usual genkiness.^^ Until next time!!



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Nov. 19th, 2009 02:05 pm (UTC)
Lucky you ^^
You get to meet them too, lol I think I stand a chance, cause I lived in Thailand DAWWWW ;A;
also an ON/OFF fan =w= since Vampire Knight is out. (really can't find a blog that posts English Journals about em' - their blog is also in Japanese and I can't read a thing, neither can I depend on Word Document's translations), but if they come here, I will definitely go to their concerts. My friends don't really know who they are and are squealing when they heard the twins' voice (hahaha). [why is my life full of twins = ="] Great Hunting ^^/
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