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ROLLO!!  He may be a lie but I'm liking these two sides to him.
Suzaku, you traitor!!
Lulu, to defeat your father, you'll have to become stronger than Suzaku!!
Comments on this week's episode under the cut!

Wow! I'm speechless!  Sunrise puts out another amazing episode of Geass.
We finally got to see more of what happened after Suzaku and Lulu's confrontation from last year.
Apparently Suzaku kicked Lulu's ass in a major way and just when you thought he was done he kicked it and kicked it some more.
Then he handed Lulu over to his Emperor daddy and sold out his best friend for a promotion. Hence explaining his current position as a member of the Knights of Rounds.  Oh a part of me can't forgive Suzaku and yet a part of me is hoping that Suzaku has a bigger plan and is secretly on Lulu's side. (><)

FukuJun's acting when he was yelling about losing the memories of his mother and sister was amazing!  I would love to see a nama afureko with him as Zero!

Even tho, I can't forgive Lulu, I'm glad he has a friend in Gino.

Suzaku aside, there's even more revelations when we find out that Rollo is more than just a sweet adorable lie of a brother.  He's actually quite capable when it comes to piloting mecha, himself.  Unfortunately, his enemy is Zero.  >< Ahh, what's going on??  So many questions and doubts still left  unanswered.  Even, Lulu didn't have time to figure Rollo out in this ep.  Man, I wanna see the next turn now!!  What's he gonna do about Rollo!! :o

Ugh Nina appeared. Please don't let her survive the whole season!

Awww, it was sweet that Lulu lent Kallen his uniform top to wear.  But he shouldn't have stopped at the jacket.  Rather than seeing Kallen's ass in the air, why not Lulu give her his pants, too.  I'd rather see what kind of boxers/briefs a crazy Britannian former 17th heir to the throne wears..

So next week more school life.  Can't wait!  More explanations please!

Next Turn:Ep. 3 Preview
In order to protect Nunnally and begin searching for her, I need power.  I need power stronger than the emperor and Suzaku's. I will obtain it!  In order to get that strength, first, him...I'll have to...That fake brother...Rollo, I'll have to...


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Apr. 19th, 2008 06:09 pm (UTC)
This is the kind of underwear a crazy Britannian former 17th heir to the throne wears!

Oh, Lulu XD
Apr. 20th, 2008 11:05 am (UTC)
black bikini briefs!
Oh yeah that's hot. xD
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