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Today...err, yesterday....I spend the afternoon and most of my evening in Odaiba.
Actually I had planned to go to Chiba today.  But after a sudden change in plans, my sis and I decided to go shopping in Odaiba instead.
I loved the Golden Week sales in Odaiba so bought a few things....including some clothes that were on sale for less than 1000 yen. Sweet!
Unfortunately, today was a pretty dreary day in terms of weather.  But, I got some nice shots of a flower field near Venus Fort.
And a really nice Japanese couple volunteered to take a picture of me and my sis in front of it.  It's such a little thing but I really am touched when I encounter random acts of kindness like that.  Japanese people are known for being kind but if you live in the big city long enough or experience the shyness of a lot of Japanese people, any kind gestures like these are rare and greatly appreciated! ^o^
Tho, I have to say that especially recently, I feel like lots of Japanese people have been kind to me or gone out of their way to talk to me (in Japanese mind you) and I'm not even talking about friends here....complete strangers!  It really makes living here all the more nice!

Hikago Day
And along with other Hikaru no Go fans.  I'd like to take a moment to remember May 5th as the day Sai disappeared. And a sad day it was.  I shall never forget that purple-haired go-loving handsome ghost who taught me how fun the game of go can actually be.


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