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徹夜 and Junjou Romantica 5 (Egoist arc)

It's like 430 in the morning and I'm still up....what's wrong with me?
I should go to bed but I think I slept too much during the day Saturday, that I'm just not sleepy anymore.
It's like I have jet lag without having flown anywhere.
This is becoming a bad habit.

Anyhow, since I'm up I'll just write about Junjou Romantica.
I watched ep. 5 last night.  Awww...what a cliffie!
I remember crying during this part of the manga.  I know why Nowaki did all this but yeah can't help but feel bad for Hiro when I think from Hiro's point of view.  Nowaki needs to tell Hiro where he's going, darn it.  How can you make Hiro worry so much like that!! Actually, I did like that part where Nowaki got jealous of Prof. Miyazaki because I felt he kinda deserved it. But then again at the same time Nowaki doesn't deserve all this.  Right now we're only seeing things from Hiro's pov but once we know Nowaki's explanation...T___T bring out the kleenexes.

btw, I loved the Usami x Misaki scenes at the end!  Poor Suzuki-san getting udon all spilt on him. Since it was Misaki's fault, Usami made Misaki take Suzuki-san's place in bed in exchange for the cleaning fee until Suzuki-san returned from the cleaners.  So, Usami and Misaki are in bed when Usami starts touching Misaki in certain places and Misaki complains that all Suzuki-san did in bed was lie down and sleep but Usami comments that he used to do the same thing to Suzuki-san.:p Then Usami fell asleep and left poor Misaki hanging. ^^;  I thought it was so cute when Misaki called up the cleaners to ask if Suzuki-san was finished being cleaned but they said they needed one more week.  Then Usami grabbed the phone from Misaki and told the cleaning ppl that they could take their time to make Suzuki-san aww shiny and clean.:p The look on Misaki's place was priceless.  Soooo cute!!

Today's word of the day: 自業自得(jigoujitoku)- be one's own fault; have brought it upon oneself


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May. 11th, 2008 07:32 am (UTC)
omg... I want to watch this episode so much~!!!
I can understand how you feel bad for Hiro, I think the same. Ok, Nowaki has his reasons for going, but not telling~ it's just cruel. Everything is better than not knowing, and in the time just thinking about what could have happened~ one can go crazy waiting. Why not talking about it? It's so sad. T_T
This Usami x Misaki scene you wrote about made me remember Love Mode. Whaa, I should read it again. ^.^
May. 11th, 2008 02:57 pm (UTC)
"Everything is better than not knowing,"

Oh so true. so true. Tho, I know that part of the reason he doesn't know is also Hiro's own fault. (><) But yeah, he should've talked to Hiro properly about it and made sure he understood.

Ahh, Love Mode. It was one of the first series I read that got me into BL. I miss it!! Naoya and Izumi were so cute. It was hard to choose between the two. Do you read Ze, too?
May. 11th, 2008 04:31 pm (UTC)
Love Mode was one of my first series too! ^^ I liked the Naoya & Reiji pair better then Takamiya & Izumi. Somehow with Takamiya it seemed always about sex~ with Reiji though I could really think, 'aah, this is real love' *.* <3 Who was your favorite pair?
Just by writing about it, I'm already nostalgic~ thinking about a Drama CD~ Don't know if you heard them, but on one CD the 'cat' of Naoya is played by a seiyuu too~ After hearing that part, where he makes a 'miau' I couldn't stop laughing for minutes. XD

No, I didn't read Ze. After Love Mode I naturally read Recipe, and I found that... well, bad~ and so not my style, so I somehow gave up on Shimizu Yuki for a while.
May. 31st, 2008 04:04 pm (UTC)
I definitely recommend Ze. If you like Love Mode, I think you'll definitely enjoy Ze. There are so many couples, your bound to fall for one of them.

In Love Mode, my fav. was also Reiji x Naoya. And I used to love Kiichi, too. And Tomoya's story was so sad. I used to cry a lot reading LM. But Ze is the same way. Maybe I'm just really sensitive.:p
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