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Code Geass R2- 7
I watched R2 episode 7 last night.  But it was too late to comment on it then. So I'll comment on it now.
Wow, Lulu has feelings.

Wow, so in this episode we saw Lulu at his most pitiful moment.  I mean it was so bad that he actually wanted a fling with Kallen. Well, even maniacal strategists have desires.  I love the Rolo moment.  Man, Rolo is just soo adorable.  This is really mean but I kinda wouldn't feel too bad if Lulu drops/disowns Nunnally and let's Rolo stay by his side.  I mean, if that's what makes dear Rolo happy, I'd be happy, too.  But yeah, really I'm torn because I do like the Lulu x Nunnally kyoudai-ai as well.  Lulu's steadfastness for his sis is so sweet.

So Nuns (そう、かってにあだ名をつけたよ。) wants to acknowledge the Japanese picking up where Yuffie left off.  Not a surprise. But, she's calling on the cooperation of the Black Knights as well. What a position that puts Lulu in.

But shockingly, Lulu after seeing the light and the kindness of his friends (ugh, why does Nina have to be considered one of his friends?) has realized that his fight isn't just about Nuns anymore and thus Zero is reborn.  So sweet, Lulu has a heart!!  Hope he holds onto it and never lets it go! So what is Lulu's new plan!!?

In the end, Zero declares to Suzaku that he'll participate in the re-established SAR.  He also commands the Black Knights to do the same.

Uwaa..what a way to end!!  How is Suzu gonna interact with Lulu now!!

I still dunno what's up with C.C. talking to Marianne. なぞなぞ

I really like the title of the next episode. 「One Million Miracles]. Sounds very hopeful.

Macross F -7: The Power of Idols

Another cool episode.  I'm still liking Sheryl.  Cool.

And Alto was so kickass saving Luka and all.  I like the song Sheryl sings during the fight scene.
Hmm...wonder if I'm the only one who thinks that alien guy was cute.:p
Looking forward to next week. Hoping for more scenes with Alto and Ranka interacting since it seems it's been a long time since they've had a decent amount of time together.


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