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Code Geass R2- 8: In Remembrance of Euphy


So apparently Suzaku is still doubting Lulu.  And he still ponders over why Zero killed Euphy.  I'd really like to see him directly ask Lulu!
We also get to see the reasoning behind Zero agreeing to participating in the Gyousei Tokku Nippon. He wants Suzaku-tachi to overlook him and let him go into exile.  Of course everyone sees this as Zero just running away and abandoning the Black Knights and the Elevens. 
But thanks to Lulu knowing Suzaku so well, he's able to think ahead and boy was Suzaku in for a surprise when a million Zeros show up before him.  He's left with the choice of letting them all be exiled since there's no way of knowing which one is the REAL Zero and since he had promised to overlook Zero or having them all executed.  But that's one million people to let get away or have killed!!

As a part of his plan, Zero/Lulu was once again looking out for Nunnally.  If the Black Knights aren't around, Area 11 will be peaceful and Nunnally won't have to dirty her hands.

In the end Suzaku let's the 1 million Zero's get away.

And then a shocker is when Zero takes of his mask and reveals himself to Sayoko.  Sayoko smiles....but why did Lulu all of a sudden...?

Other important things:
* Lulu lit a candle for Euphemia.  So sweet.  He was able to do it secretly while Rollo waited for him outside!
* Ougi and Viletta had a mini-reunion
Anya called Suzaku a masochist 'o'

Next stage: The Chinese Federation!  But looks like I'll have to wait 2 weeks before the next geass fix!


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