August 5th, 2011

Merlin- Gwen watching Arthur with horse

久々の蟹DINNER! and [Anime] NO.6

Thanks again to everyone who commented on my birthday post. I had a great birthday and am very hopeful that this year will be even more wonderful than the last.

A few days ago I went to the marina in DC.  My family and I bought some live crabs for dinner.  I took a picture of them while they were still alive in the pot below.  Watching their eyes look up at me as my sister poured the beer in to get them drunk so as to ease the pain is a little sad but so goes the food chain I guess. By the way, they were very delicious.

Lately, I've been watching a new anime called No.6. It's a futuristic world type of anime. Has anyone else been watching it? I never read the original so I was really shocked when I watched the progression of the storyline.  The two main male leads are Shion and Nezumi/Eve.  I was expecting this to be a regular shounen story. And so at first I thought okay these guys are just really close friends who don't mind a little hand holding and snuggling in bed between friends.  But episode after episode this anime has been moving towards the borderline of BL.  In fact, I'm so confused now with the most current this BL already or just fanservice? :p What the heck is going on with these two?  Well, if you've watched the anime I'm sure you'll understand my confusion. And if you've read the light novel/manga, I suppose you already know what's up unless the anime has gone in a completely different direction. All I know is that it runs in Aria which is a shoujo manga magazine so I guess hence the hints of BL. 
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Despite my confusion, I do like No.6.  There's still a lot of mysteries to be explained and I'm hoping this story has a happy ending for Shion or at least a satisfying ending for the viewers.