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A tear just fell on my keyboard...
I just got finished watching Code Geass 13.  It was a wonderfully suspenseful action-packed episode.
And wow..what a conclusion.

I knew this was gonna happen tho.
I had read spoilers about this episode and next. 
But even tho, I knew Shirley was gonna die...I had no idea how and by whom.
Of course, anyone's better than Lulu.  He really doesn't need to add to the trauma of killing another person who's close to him.
But Rolo...?...ROLO?  ROLO!!!  ...........................WHHHHHHHHHHYYYYY???
I don't know if I cried because of Shirley's last words or because of the devastation of knowing Rolo killed Shirley.

I guess there's no way that the viewers have been tricked and even tho, it's assumed Rolo killed Shirley he didn't...is there? 
No way, ne.

*sighs* I guess I'm just in shock now. I mean how can I completely reverse my feelings on a character based on one action they did. I mean I wasn't pissed at Lulu for killing Euphy.  And before this episode, I really loved Rolo and he could do no wrong...so why can't I regard Rolo in the same way that I regarded Lulu after Eupy's death?  Oh right, Lulu had to kill her because she was on a rampage.  He actually had a good reason.  Rolo's....???? Shirley brought up the REAL sister's name!  Oh, Rolo.  I don't hate you...at least not yet.  I'm just upset/disappointed with you. Couldn't you have just used words?  But I know he was already getting jealous by the fact that Shirley wanted to join in their nakama. Oh Rolo.  I hope Lulu will be able to forgive you.

I hope Shirley's words get through to Suzaku.  She told him it wasn't that he can't forgive Lulu but that he doesn't WANT to forgive Lulu. I wonder if Suzaku's gonna think that Lulu killed Shirley.:< Talk about adding fuel to the fire.

As for Cornelia, she's so cool.

And Orange-kun!  What a comeback.  He'll be a great asset to Lulu.  I love his loyalty!  They'll make such an awesome team.

As for next week...to the bat cave Geass den we go!  I loved Fukujun's voice in the preview!!  Well done!



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