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Beautiful Natsume Yuujinchou

My new favorite anime series for this new summer season is Natsume Yuujinchou. I've watched 1-2 and...
It's beautiful absolutely beautiful!  It has the perfect setting for summer.
And it's the kind of show that makes me want to go visit the inaka.
Natsume's such a nice guy and Nyanko-sensei (the manekineko) is so cute. 

Basically the show is about this boy called Natsume who can see ayakashi and youkai(spirits).
When he moves to his grandmother's hometown, he finds himself constantly being chased by spirits who either want the yuujinchou (Book  of Friends) that his grandmother left behind for power or they want their names returned.   Natsume's grandmother Reiko won their names after challenging them and winning.  Having the yuujinchou means Natsume has power over the spirits whose names are written in it.  But Natsume decides to return the names and promises manekineko that he'll give the book to him upon his death in return for his protection. 

You'd think Reiko was a bad woman to have all these spirts after her and wanting their names returned.  But it turns out that with each return of a name, Natsume discovers just how kind-hearted and strong his grandmother was.  She always had good reasons.  For me, discovering the story behind each name is the most interesting part of the show. And I always end up crying towards the end. ><

An added bonus is the music for this show.  I especially like the ED song.

I've read the first chapter of Natsume Yuujinchou about 2 years ago but this show has renewed my interest in the series and I want to start collecting the books when I get back from the US.

In conclusion, I recommend this show to anyone who's looking for a refreshing, touching and light (at least it is for now) story for the summer.


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